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15 ways to make a lot of money without leaving the house

 There are 15 different ways to generate a lot of money without having to leave the house.

There is nothing better than a part-time job that brings in extra income , and even better if you can earn money from the comfort of your home. According to research and numerous surveys, remote work occupies a leading position among job seekers. And it’s clear why: you can carry out assignments from anywhere in the world, save time spent on the road to the office, and the “budget piggy bank” will only grow. Ahead is a series of long holidays, which means additional costs for a feast and gifts.

 We have collected various ways to make quick money before the New Year. Such a simple side job affects various activities, and you can easily combine it with your main duties.

1. Selling old things

15 ways to make a lot of money without leaving the house

If there is nothing to wear, and there are a large number of clothes lying around, then it's time to think about the review and find out how rational your purchases are. Instead of running right away to get rid of “unnecessary trash” and count losses from reckless purchases, arrange your clothes (focus on “Rule 4p”: wash, clean, wash, iron) and sell them online, thus offsetting your costs and charging your wallet.
Common specialized sites in this area are: Yula , Avito , eBay , Etsy , Buy Sell , etc.

2. Write an article

15 ways to make a lot of money without leaving the house

If you love and know how to write articles, reviews, reviews or know how to paraphrase texts in a way that preserves their meaning, then this method is for you. As statistics show, copywriting and rewriting to this day remains one of the most common types of remote activities. At the moment, there are many English-language sites and foreign portals that will be happy only if you join the ranks of talented authors, for example: blasting news,Listverse, etc.

3. Give online lessons

15 ways to make a lot of money without leaving the house

The 21st century has given us the development of new technologies and opportunities. Today, online tutoring is considered one of the prestigious activities, because with the crazy rhythm of life, more and more people want to acquire additional knowledge. If you have a diploma that is not being used for its intended purpose, or you know this or that subject perfectly, share this knowledge with those who are willing to pay for it. Today, expert tutors of both a foreign language and Russian on interactive platforms are especially in demand: mytutor , Virtual Academy , etc. But any other knowledge in various fields can be sold very profitably. The main thing is to find a buyer.

4. Take an online survey

15 ways to make a lot of money without leaving the house

This method is available to literally everyone, because in order to earn a little money, it does not require much work, investments and there is no reference to execution time. All you need to do is enter your personal data in the registration form and start answering the questions honestly. Survey topics are formed based on the specified items of your questionnaire. Popular sites that offer such ways to earn money:  i-Say , LifePoints , Myiyo , etc.

5. Become a virtual assistant

15 ways to make a lot of money without leaving the house

If you have ever worked as a personal secretary or dream of trying yourself in a new profession, then you will love this method! Virtual assistants are independent people who work for the benefit of the company outside of it and always have access to the necessary documents. Knowledge of a foreign language is only welcome! Their duties may include sending emails, taking incoming calls, and promoting social media. If you are interested in this work, then pay attention to such platforms: Upwork , Fiverr , LinkedIn .

6. Become a social media administrator

15 ways to make a lot of money without leaving the house

It is unlikely that anyone can imagine life without social networks and groups, which are our 24/7 sources of communication, news and purchases. Being an administrator means literally becoming a part of the community and filling it with interesting content, following comments, and also attracting many new subscribers, especially if the owner is promoting his own business.

 Knowledge of Photoshop is an added advantage. is a small part of the advertised services that will help you in the search for such a job.

7. Sell old books and textbooks

15 ways to make a lot of money without leaving the house

If your home library is full, and after its revision you are wondering what to do with unnecessary literature - do not rush to throw it away! The famous American online auctions eBay and Amazon will help you start making money selling books. It is enough that the book is in good condition. Analyze what topics are popular with readers and describe the book as honestly as possible. Do not add unnecessary (false) information, this may subsequently lead to a negative review.

8. Make money on reviews

15 ways to make a lot of money without leaving the house

You are probably familiar with the popular sites Otzovik and Irecommend, we often go to them to read reviews and comments about a movie, book, service or service. But few people know that users of these sites earn! So your comments and recommendations can bring a good income. To do this, you just need to: register on a certain resource, have an electronic wallet and write a unique, detailed text on the topic that the customer will give, or share your own experience and impressions. The main thing is to comply with all the requirements and attach screenshots, because, as practice shows, the payment will be made 100%.

 Otzovik and Irecommend top the list of forums, but apart from them you can try your hand at: Qcomment .