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6 essential steps to success as a teacher

 The most important steps to success in the profession of a teacher

Whether you are a student looking for a part-time job, or a school teacher looking to earn extra money, tutoring is the perfect way to fulfill your professional ambitions, share knowledge with students, and replenish your family budget. To become a tutor, it is not necessary to have a teaching diploma, but you must still have the necessary subject knowledge and passion for learning. If you have long wanted to start moving in this direction, read our tips that will help you realize your plan.

1. Identify your strengths

To become a tutor in one or more subjects, you need to understand how deep your knowledge in the chosen field is. Only enroll in classes if you are certain of your talents and can assist pupils in improving their grades. Even if you are a graduate, try to take the time to educate yourself to make your own approach to learning unique and stand out from the huge number of colleagues in the industry. A special method of presenting material, a friendly attitude, the ability to motivate and interest should become your strengths.

6 essential steps to success as a teacher

2. Decide on an audience 

If you have a diploma from a pedagogical university, it will not be difficult to determine the age of the students. An elementary school teacher can prepare kindergarteners for school or work with students in grades 1-4. "Subject" usually offers its services to children from middle and high schools, and also prepares graduates for passing the exam or the OGE. Depending on the audience, think about the approach to the learning process: not only interesting material is useful, but also pedagogical techniques, as well as motivational phrases and praise for diligence. Each student needs an individual approach, depending on his knowledge and desire to learn.

6 essential steps to success as a teacher

3. Collect material 

Materials on the subject may differ depending on the methods of conducting classes. Study the most relevant and interesting of them and choose the most suitable option, because this is the basis of your lessons. To make the lessons more interesting, you can prepare presentations using key points from the sources you use. Material can be taken from: textbooks, articles, workshops, collections of exercises. Additional Resources: Presentations, drawings, activity cards, learning games, quizzes, English movies with subtitles (ideal for homework), and more.
6 essential steps to success as a teacher

4. Plan your class schedule 

Depending on your usual employment, you need to determine how many hours per week you are willing to spend on tutoring. Most often, it is more convenient for students to study on weekends, because their weekdays are already loaded with studies. But sometimes it is possible to conduct lessons in the afternoon on a weekday, although it is not so easy to choose the time that will be convenient for each student. It is better to have at least two sessions a week for at least 60 minutes each, then it will be possible to explain a sufficient amount of material at a time and immediately practice.

6 essential steps to success as a teacher

5. Where to look for students? 

One of the most difficult moments for a novice tutor is the search for the first students. This should be done at the end of the summer, when the children go to school. At such a time, parents often look for a good tutor in subjects that cause difficulties for the child. Place your resume on specialized sites, indicate all the information about yourself there, try to write brightly and simply. 

6 essential steps to success as a teacher

Ask if friends or relatives need help. Be prepared for the fact that even with an interesting resume, you can remain without orders for a long time. If you have no experience, attract customers with bonuses. For example, the first lesson is free or the first 3 lessons are 30% off. Don't overcharge your lessons. Gain experience first.

6. Improve 

Even if you have already successfully started teaching classes and everything is going well, never forget to update your knowledge base. In many disciplines, research is constantly being carried out, many new books and scientific articles are appearing. Stay tuned for this information, as well as changes in school or university programs.

6 essential steps to success as a teacher

Tutoring is a great way to earn extra money, which, moreover, allows you to constantly communicate with young people, passing on your knowledge to them. We hope that everything will work out for you!