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Korean bento cake is a popular dessert that everyone loves

 Sweets are the best and irreplaceable gift for any occasion. High competition among confectioners forces them to come up with new ideas, tastes and ways of decorating desserts. So, Korean bento cakes have joined the classic multi-tiered cakes. In our article, we talk about a cool new trend that has already conquered the whole world.

Korean bento cake is a popular dessert that everyone loves

 What does it mean and how did it appear?

 In general, the word "bento" came to us from Japan and means packing a serving for one or two people. Portions of food are common as school snacks, lunches that you can easily take with you. As is often the case, the classic idea was modernized and confectioners, striving for simplicity, decided to adopt this experience.

A disposable food container, parchment as a base, a cake candle and a cute fork are all that make up the original serving of a small cake. Its weight is always no more than a kilogram, so many confectioners do not dare to make such a dessert. In fact, the advantage of bento cakes lies in the bright design, which makes them popular among young people, for example, on:

  • for a birthday; 
  • as an apology; 
  • to confess to a lover in feelings;
  •  to a party to share it with friends;
  •  just to make someone happy.

He will make you smile

 When ordering a cake, you can express your wishes both for the design and the composition of the filling. Keep in mind that simplicity is everything, so a minimal design using meaningful phrases like “I love you” or “Here you are one more year closer to old age” against a bright background will look much cooler than any decorations. By the way, the New Year is ahead, you can see the ideas for the festive decoration of cakes in our selection .

Someone turns the top layer of the cake into a real work of art, painting landscapes, sunsets or favorite movie characters on it with large strokes using a special spatula to even out the cream. If you suddenly decide to bake bento cakes, be inspired by positive things: lines from songs, famous paintings, funny people, memes.

Is it possible to make your own cake? 

Of course it's real! Its main components are biscuit, filling and cream. Of the positive aspects, one can note the low cost and simple basic ingredients: eggs, flour, sugar, milk, cream. Biscuit cakes, for sure, every housewife tried to bake at least once. If not, don't be discouraged: there are many detailed video tutorials on the Internet. The filling can be made the same as for ordinary cakes: red velvet, chocolate cream, berry jam. For those who are interested in the cake, we advise you to watch a short video for beginners.

With such a cool idea, you can first please family and friends, and then maybe you dare to expand the field of activity by turning a fun hobby into a profitable business . Explore the market in your city, weigh the pros and cons and try it! It's always nice to create something new and tasty. Either way, bento cakes are an interesting and unique experience.