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10 of the most lucrative jobs for women


Women are no longer considered the "weaker sex." Their desire to become one step with men and equalize with them in rights is growing with every goth. Even in the matter of earning money, the fair sex tries to be in no way inferior to the “earners” by nature. And, it must be admitted, they succeed. What professions now bring the greatest profit to women?

1-Director of the executive

Director of the executive

 They are in charge of running businesses and organizations. They hold 24% of the posts, and the profit represents 75% of men's earnings.

2. Pharmacist


 These are the individuals who provide customers with medication advice and dosage instructions. 43 percent of this type of activity is performed by women, and their earnings are 75 percent that of men.

3. Lawyer


 In this profession, the fair sex accounts for 37% of total employment, and income still retains its 75% of that of men.

4. Manager of computer and information systems

Manager of computer and information systems

 Women who have chosen this profession must ensure the smooth operation of computers, network resources and other electronic systems. Their share of employment in this area accounts for 28%, but the income is not so high and amounts to only 21% of the total income of the IT sector.

 5. Software developer

Software developer

 In this area of ​​activity, women won 21% of employment, and their income level reached 85% of the relative male earnings.

6. Therapist and surgeon

Therapist and surgeon

 Today, 34% of women are employed in these professions, who receive 64% of the amount of male remuneration in medicine.

7. Programmer


Women have succeeded in breaking into such a completely male environment. In this case, they make up 21% of the labor force, and female salaries are just 7% smaller than those of males.

8. Analyst in the field of management

Analyst in the field of management

 In this field of activity, women were able to win 47% of employment for themselves, and their incomes are only 14% less than men's.

 9. Specialist in the field of theory and analysis of computers and systems

Specialist in the field of theory and analysis of computers and systems

 If a woman has chosen this type of occupation for herself, then she is interested in digging into computer chips and testing all kinds of data transmission systems. The percentage of women employed in this area is 28, and the income is only 8% less than that of their male counterparts.

10. Occupational Therapist 

Occupational Therapist

Working with persons who have disabilities is part of the job description. Given their physical limitations, specialists teach children how to modify and adapt to life. In this field, 82% of specialists are women, and salaries are on par with those of men.

The day has come when a well-paying employment and a prestigious work are the top priorities in the lives of contemporary women and men. The most important thing is to make good choices. Remember that job should provide moral fulfillment in addition to financial security and allow you time and opportunity for modest pleasures.