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7 Rules for Success in Work and Career

One of the most important principles that make success possible is self-discipline, victory over yourself, your laziness, your disorganization, and your failures. Before you start, you should understand one very important principle: if you don't stop looking for a freebie, you won't start. Success is hard work!
But there are some ways you can get the results you want with less effort.
7 Rules for Success in Work and Career

So how do you get the best results?

We frequently hear the same thing from friends and coworkers: "You are really lucky, but I'm lucky, so that's why I fail... There's no money... There's not enough time..."

Is it luck? not at all! The more we work, the more fortunate we are. First of all, it is working on yourself, as well as using time with maximum efficiency. Self-discipline can help you. Use your time wisely! This is the basic principle of a successful person.

Here are some other rules that help in achieving important goals:

1. The helper is inevitable

No matter how you convince yourself that you can do all the work, you will never be able to achieve a result if you take on the whole set of issues.

Remember: if there are people whose working time is cheaper than yours, it is better to delegate tasks. Especially if you are a businessman or business owner. Never do a chore, give it to someone who can handle it without your participation, and perform chores with someone else's hands.

2. Keep a to-do list

When porridge in your head and brain literally explodes from accumulated problems and worries, then you will not find a better helper than paper and a pen.

Writing current and future affairs, emptying the brain from the abundance of information. Then it will be much easier to structure all the issues, respectively, and the process of self-discipline will take place more efficiently.


In order to achieve the goal faster and more effectively, it is necessary to set a time limit for yourself. Only a strict deadline will allow you to clearly complete the task. You should not go to bed if the deadlines are approaching. Don't let yourself relax until the task is complete.

4. How well is prioritization going?

In life and work, a lot depends on the sequence of actions with which you move towards the intended goal. If you do not take important steps on time, you risk not getting more than one more opportunity to fulfill your plans or miss opportunities, profits or even money.

Therefore, sit back and think about which cases at this point you need to solve in the first place, and which ones can wait.

5. Don't get distracted by the important things

If you are going to the intended goal, do not be distracted by nonsense. Make it clear to yourself that you don't have time to chat on the phone, hang out on social media, or sit on the sofa in front of the TV. The absence of distractions is the main key to self-discipline.

6. Make promises publicly!

In combination with rule number 3, the result will generally be very fast. Of course, there is an opportunity to create a stressful situation, but it is the stress that will help you work more efficiently. A public promise is the most powerful incentive to get tasks done and meet deadlines.

7. The arrangement on the table - the arrangement in the head

By periodically removing debris from the workplace, you can reach a 100-point mark on the self-discipline scale. Experiment and you will notice how much more productivity you are when you are in perfect shape.

Therefore, if you have a goal that has not yet been achieved, but you really want to get to the finish line as soon as possible, then analyze everything you just read and immediately go to the implementation of the rules. Self-discipline is serious work on yourself that you need to start now!