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How do I make a project - open a beauty salon

Do not be born beautiful, but be born happy, - says the well-known saying. However, how much time do we girls spend taking care of ourselves! Numerous brow and nailbars, solariums, beauty salons and express studios help us with this.

 Have you ever thought about the specifics of working in these truly magical places where miracles of transformation take place?
 Or maybe you yourself decided to bring beauty to the masses, chose training courses and dream of employment in a truly beautiful place? Or do you want to be the mistress of a beauty studio?
 Maybe you are just wondering how and how creative people who have chosen a profession in the beauty industry live? Let's figure it out together.


Training and initial investment High-quality training is, if not the key to success, then certainly the first step towards it.

 Whatever we are talking about, be it makeup, hairdressing, eyelash extensions, nail services - all this needs to be learned from the best teachers, so that later it would not be excruciatingly painful and ashamed of your own creations.

 You should immediately abandon the courses offered on sites with discount coupons. As a rule, this is wasted time and, albeit small, but money.

 However, a high price is far from the only criterion and is not yet a guarantee of an excellent result.

 The teacher's portfolio and, perhaps most importantly, the work of his students is what everyone who wants to work in the beauty industry in the future should pay attention to.

 In addition to courses, do not forget about the initial investment in consumables and equipment. In the nomination "the most expensive entry into the profession" make-up artists win.


 The cost of a case of an experienced craftsman can be equal to the price of a car, and this is far from the limit.

 Eyebrow stylists have the lowest consumable costs, and besides, this service is cyclical and, as a rule, is carried out every three weeks on average, which increases the likelihood of accumulating regular customers faster, in contrast to the services of a hairdresser and makeup artist.

So, the training is completed, and the newly-made master goes to work in a beauty salon for invaluable experience, dreaming of opening a studio named after himself in the future. But this is still far away, but for now there is a choice - renting a place or working for a percentage.


Percent work The novice nail service master Maryana immediately dismissed the idea of ​​renting a workplace due to the lack of regular customers, and therefore went to look for work in beauty salons. In some places, consumables were provided, in others, care for them was placed on the shoulders of the master. Depending on this, the percentage of wages also varied (for example, 60% and 40% in favor of the master on his materials).

 Mariana, on the other hand, chose a different option, with a lower percentage of earnings, but provided consumables. On reflection, she compiled a whole list of positive aspects in her new role as an employee of a beauty salon.

 So, no need to worry about advertising and promoting yourself, this is a management headache. In addition, the workplace is fully equipped, materials are purchased, clients are registered through the administrator, but Maryana only needed her knowledge, skills and talent for creating masterpieces on nails.

 After some time, the girl acquired her own regular customers who wanted to get to her, gained experience, confidence and ceased to be afraid of complex designs. Place rental No man is an island!
 This was proved by the eyelash extension master Katerina.

 Having learned the profession of a lashmaker and falling in love with this business, Katya found a cozy office and, having spent a certain amount of effort and money, equipped it to her liking.

 All organizational worries fell on the fragile shoulders of the girl, but it brought her untold pleasure. Katerina also dealt with advertising and promotion on her own, collecting a portfolio of high-quality works and promoting her pages in social networks.

 The lash maker girl set the work schedule herself, managing to constantly go to master classes and improve her skills.

 Now Katerina is the owner of her own look studio, the name of which has become synonymous with high quality, responsibility for the client's health and craftsmanship.

And how are they? Many who dream of working in the beauty industry imagine their future activities as an eternal holiday and sheer pleasure. Is it so? So, the profession is a makeup artist.

 It would seem that a few strokes of the brush and voila - there is beauty, more precisely - on the face.

 No matter how! In addition to constantly honing your skills, this profession involves lugging a heavy suitcase with makeup for outdoor photo shoots and gatherings at brides, getting up at three to five in the morning, a flood of models at shows when twenty minutes are allotted for makeup.

 Among many in the beauty industry, back problems are common due to constant work on their feet and in uncomfortable positions. Hairdressers, nail artists and lash makers are often forced to inhale the fumes of varnishes, glues, etc., and such beautiful professions turn into health problems that are by no means beautiful.

 However, the possibility of the risk of diseases can be minimized if you use protective equipment and regularly monitor your own well-being.

 So do not be afraid, and if you have a desire to create and bring beauty to the masses, it is worth embodying it!

However, no matter who you are, a master or a client, I wish you to always spend time in beauty salons with pleasure, and, leaving it, feel perfect, happy and inspired!