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How to turn web software into a business

  How to make web software a profitable venture

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Imagine that you have very good knowledge and experience. For example, how to set up targeted ads. You have been doing this for ten years already, and it has helped many online projects become profitable. At some point, you switched to Clickmeeting, saw how easy it was to start your first webinar, and decided to share your experience with people.

 Initially, in order to solidify the status of the expert and raise average checks. Then came the realization that there are plenty of ways to monetize online tutorials with quality content. If desired, the new direction can be turned into a separate profitable business.

Where to start and how to turn your webinars into a full-fledged project that brings money, we will talk in this article. What sales algorithms work on webinars?

Where to start and how to turn your webinars into a full

There are dozens of such algorithms, but in this article we will consider the most universal of them. Fits any stature. It all starts with a major product. For example, I created a course on setting up targeted ads.

 The material is divided into several modules, there is a program, homework, notes, and all other necessary attributes are provided. Ideally, your course should solve a real and specific problem for a potential client (student).

 For example, an information producer teaches a developer how to set up advertising campaigns for product niches and reach a monthly income of $5,000. When there is a clear understanding of the "problem solving" connection of your product, the simplest and most effective thing you can do is tell your target audience about it at your next webinar. What is important to consider when choosing such a tactic?

online business

 1. How much does your customer need a similar product? Based on this, you will explain the actions that a person must take in order to get the desired result using your product.

 2. Record the results of each step, track progress and, if everything is in order, motivate the potential student to move forward, for example, with the help of free lessons, checklists, messages, additional materials or broadcasts.
 3. Follow the logic. It is simple and difficult at the same time. Everything should be logical and understandable, like two or two. During the report, you can make interesting lyrical digressions, delve into specific examples, or answer questions from the audience.

 But each individual representative of the target audience must understand that he has now reached point (A), he has to reach point (B), and he can do this only with your help.

 4. Show energy. Boring speakers don't have audiences. Slow speakers have no sales. Nobody wants to be such a person. Everyone strives for a bright, beautiful, successful and eventful life.

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 And only an equally energetic speaker and charisma could sell a "ticket" to such a life. Be active, broadcast energy and share it right through your screen.

 5. Make a call to action. Not many speakers can sell because they are ashamed of it. Experts who do not have much practical experience conducting webinars suffer from this "disease".

How do you deal with the fear of selling and selling on webinars correctly?

How to deal with the fear of sales and sell on webinars correctly?   Читайте подробнее на: ©

Learn to value your time. You've created a useful product, and you've spent a lot of time and effort getting people to your event for their benefit. You have been training for a long time and finally you are providing interesting content. In most cases it is free. It also requires a lot of energy. So what should you be ashamed of?

You spend the time of your life talking to potential students rather than working on client projects, looking after your family, or pursuing your favorite hobby.

 Could your time be cheap? Therefore, you have absolutely no reason to be afraid of including calls to action, sales, invitations to click links, or sign up for an initial listing in your letter.
 It is important to understand that after the announcement of the main offer, you do not need to close the whole event and hope that the target audience will independently take the necessary actions and guess the purchase of your product.

You have no reason to be afraid of success

 At the time of bidding, your sales don't end, they just begin. From now on, you need to continue to warm up the audience, answer questions, close out the main objections, and make frequent sales. If timing allows and no one agrees, you can do all this right on the webinar.

 When meeting time is very limited, sales continue through email, social networks, instant messengers, and other communication channels with students, clients or potential clients.

 Top 4 Ways to Increase Sales on Webinars As you go from being an expert to being a confident sales expert, you will be able to make more profit from each webinar using these methods.

 Tell a story A cliched but practical example to increase the profitability of a webinar is the so-called Cinderella story. A simple man from an ordinary family worked as a security guard in a supermarket, borrowed a laptop and began to study contextual advertising. It was difficult, but over time, the first customers, money and success appeared.

Today, a simple man has created a course and wants to share his knowledge with the same simple people. The audience loves this presentation of the material and buys after the stories much more actively.

 The main secret of the attention-grabbing story is the emotional presentation of the material. Use a flexible payment system Often people cannot pay 1500, 1000 and even $500 in one go.

 Even for your most informative and intelligent courses on targeted advertising. But that does not mean that they have absolutely no money and you will lose potential students. Give anyone a chance to part with money in a way that is most comfortable for them:

 1. Divide the cost into three to five or more payments and offer to pay the fees in instalments.

 2. We recommend making a small deposit and booking a limited course.

 3. Add bonuses, gifts and additional benefits to the offer to increase the value of the information product without increasing its price.
 Show Social Proof Even if you don't have successful student cases yet, simply open your CRM and list the names of the webinar participants who have already paid for the course.

 This technique works especially well when there are already a lot of payments. Usually during the count, the "crowd effect" is triggered, and many people begin to follow the example of the majority. Compare the cost of your product to another The most famous but most famous example is a comparison with a cup of coffee. How to work on a course example in contextual advertising?

 Let's say your product costs $5,000. Today, for this money, you can buy, for example, sneakers.

Of course, shoes are necessary and important, but is a pair of sneakers worth it to refuse to master a new, lucrative Internet profession with promising financial and career prospects?

   In conclusion, I would like to say that these techniques have been tested thousands of times in practice and really work. The main thing is to understand what and why you are doing in your webinar. When this understanding comes, your online events will automatically move from the status of another way to communicate with clients and students to the status of “business”.