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The Top 9 Instagram Ways to Make Money


Last year, Instagram became a real force to be reckoned with by the world's cutting edge marketers. More than 100 million active members have signed up on this social network since January. At the moment, the "population density" of Instagrammers is 400 million people, of which 75 million go online every day.

 Making money on Instagram has turned from a theoretical possibility into a practical reality. Brands dedicate a significant share of their budget to page promotion.Marketers are working furiously to perfect ways to profit from Instagram and create fresh approaches to account promotion. Naturally, in the difficult business of making a profit, it is important to develop a client base. I will not dwell on the stages of creating a page and ways to increase the number of subscribers (especially since we already wrote about this ). Let's talk about the different income earning options within Instagram.

The Top 9 Instagram Ways to Make Money

 1. Selling your services and products

This tactic is perhaps considered the best way to make money on Instagram. Here, it is vital to study both the selling of services and the sale of commodities separately in order to properly comprehend the mechanism for obtaining a constant income. own production.So, marketing the quality of services is more important while selling them. Photographers post examples of their work on their profiles. 

Lawyers and psychologists give direct advice and post photos of satisfied clients complete with laudatory reviews. With hairdressers and beauty salons, the situation is similar. Handmade lovers are engaged in the sale of goods of their own manufacture. Artists, designers, seamstresses, manufacturers of exclusive jewelry. A visual demonstration of a product has always been highly valued among consumers. It is also beneficial to hold promotions for subscribers, this encourages users to follow.

Selling your services and products

2.Divide the profits of selling other people's services and goods on Instagram

Sale of other people's services and goods Earnings on Instagram by selling other people's services and goods can be divided into two categories. The first includes online stores that buy things, cosmetics and the like from wholesalers, and then sell them one by one in the open spaces of the network. Each post is a photo of the product with a detailed description and a specific price. 

The second category includes businessmen who prefer to work through affiliate programs. They find brand accounts, negotiate commissions with page administrators, and place active links to products.

Divide the profits of selling other people's services and goods on Instagram

3. Sponsorship agreement

Sponsorship agreement An ideal solution for narrow-profile professionals who are thinking about how to make money through Instagram. For example, you are a professional musician and you find the contacts of a company that sells or manufactures equipment. You contact representatives, conclude an agreement for the provision of free long-term use, for example, guitars and amps. 

You produce unique content with the product in exchange (short videos, colorful photos).  The philanthropist has the right to use these materials on his own resources. I ask you not to confuse the sponsorship agreement with banal advertising, which will be discussed further.

Sponsorship agreement

4. Selling photos

 Selling photos is the easiest and most obvious way to make money on Instagram, because this site was originally designed to display photos. If you are a skilled hobbyist or professional photographer, you should apply your skills in the financial sector. Brand accounts and bloggers are in dire need of quality content.

 As soon as a profitable niche is available, seize it. The photos from Instagram are completely realistic to sell outside the walls of your original social network. On sites like Twenty20 and Foap, they offer from $10 for a good shot.

sell photos on instagram

5. Promotion of other people's accounts

Administration and attraction of new subscribers is in unprecedented demand. Nearly all progressive businesses use social media. Often a manager starts from scratch. He creates and designs the page in accordance with the requirements of the client, based on the specifics of the product. He then writes out the marketing strategy and regularly injects fresh content. The manager's duties may include establishing contacts with "useful" users and conducting advertising campaigns.

5. Promotion of other people's accounts

6. Thematic publics

In domestic open spaces, the creation of thematic publics is still too early to consider a full-fledged way to make a profit. However, in the near future, earnings through Instagram through specific “interest clubs” will increase momentum. The method's main step is to create an entertainment account, to put it simply. 90% of the content is aimed at satisfying the information needs of subscribers and only 10% is reserved for sources of income.

 For example, you are a fan of comics and create a page for geeks. Each post provides news from the worlds of film and graphic novels. Your potential customers will be loot producers, cinemas, publishing houses.The public's main objective is still to give subscribers fascinating information, nevertheless.

Thematic publics

7. Advertising 

At the moment, the most common earnings on advertising on Instagram. Bloggers with a large number of followers easily promote products. One has only to post a photo with a tube of cream and prescribe the merits of the product, as a good amount will drop into your account. You are not expected to produce distinctive or intriguing material, unlike a sponsorship arrangement. It is quite enough to mention the brand under a banal selfie. Payment for advertising directly depends on your popularity. Kylie Jenner is the unreachable ideal for me. The girl asks up to 400 thousand dollars for the post.


8. Likes and subscriptions 

Putting likes and subscribing does not make too much money on Instagram, but it is enough for a bun with butter. Assiduous businessmen, burdened with a supply of free time, enter into contracts with marketing firms. At the request of the employer, they selflessly press hearts under the photographs. The services of professional likers are in demand at the initial stages of account promotion.

Likes and subscriptions

9. Selling an account 

And finally, I decided to include a clause on the sale of turnkey pages. You can sell a boosted account to interested parties if it has a particular number of followers.The amount of followers has a direct impact on the pricing. Usually, prices fall between 2,00 and 35,00 $.

Selling an account

Stop wasting time and start earning money on Instagram right away!