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The Internet is full of vacancies a la "web model" or "video chat model". For easy work, they promise earnings of several thousand dollars per month. What's the catch - understood the editors of the "World of Ideas". Let's start with a little background. Not so long ago I met a familiar single mom - young and pretty. 

Maria after the standard questions "How are you?" she mentioned that she got a very simple job with an income of 2-3 thousand dollars a month (depending on the efforts and time spent) and a flexible schedule. Not a bad income at the current exchange rate, and even for a young mother, right? Moreover, as my friend briskly assured me, there is enough time for a child - even grandmothers almost do not have to be called for help.

I am a skeptic and always try to find a catch in everything. Therefore, I immediately asked where the employer in our city came from, who is ready to groom and cherish young professionals like that (Masha is a translator without much experience and seniority)? Maria shied away from a direct answer for a long time, but in the end she could not stand it and laid out everything. Her story prompted me to become interested in the topic...

Model of what? 

Many have heard or read about online chats with girls in which foreigners pay for the time spent in a flirtatious conversation. But for many foreign gentlemen, mere correspondence for fabulous money seems not enough. 

The irrepressible growth of male desires was also facilitated by the reputation of Slavic girls, who, alas, became famous abroad not only for their beauty, but also for their pliability. Therefore, very soon, Western and Eastern men wanted not only to have conversations with our girls, but also to look at their charms. 

And preferably - without clothes or completely naked. If there is demand, there will be supply. Many people with business acumen have guessed that Skype can be used, thanks to which a satisfied client will contemplate young beauties for a certain amount without even leaving their home.  

In USA, such an Internet business is only growing in scale every year. Interestingly, the girls who come to the live interview do not hide the ways of earning "easy" money. 

But in the ads that fill the Internet expanses and poles in literally every city, this is called extremely modestly - they are allegedly looking for “web models” and “video chat models”. A vacancy that does not mean anything to an uninitiated person. 

When I worked as a translator, I received many times less 

The duties of the girls are veiledly described by potential employers as communication with foreigners and hot flirting. I received from my friend a more than detailed story that under the indistinct wording "hot flirting" the most complete striptease is usually hidden. 

And more unpleasant cases often come across, when a lustful foreigner requires a girl on the other side of the screen to rub her naked forms against the monitor or satisfy herself in front of his eyes. 

I won’t say that I was outraged by Masha’s story - after all, everyone chooses the work that his principles allow. But still, it kinda bugged me. Masha coolly retorted: “What's so terrible about that? Everyone should understand that such money will not be paid for simple conversations. 

When I worked as a translator in an international marriage agency, I received many times less. And now I just do not know how it is - when there is not enough money. 

Some girls work like this for several years, save money, and then open their own “agency”, recruiting beginner “models”. Virtual prostitution or harmless earnings? I could not resist and asked if my counterpart considers this kind of activity to be virtual prostitution (after all, a kind of body sale still takes place, albeit in a different form). 

Maria already had an answer ready (apparently, such thoughts still came to her mind more than once): since there is no physical contact with the client, then prostitution is not considered. In her opinion. 

Masha also reassures herself by the fact that residents of the CIS countries usually do not have access to such expensive sites, so they won’t have to justify themselves to anyone they know. But this is just half the trouble. 

It is worth knowing that in the office itself (usually a large re-planned apartment), there is no recording of “labor” activities, so that later the video could not serve as evidence in accusing the company of producing and distributing pornography. 

But after all, it will not work to control a foreigner either. It is impossible to predict if it would occur to him to put the broadcast on record mode? I don’t even want to think about the potential risk if an ignoble client decides to share a spicy video with other strawberry lovers and put it on the Internet.

No competition, or they will take any My eternal irrepressible curiosity pushed me to another journalistic experiment: 

I decided to check whether everyone is hired to work for such a specific “vacancy”. There were hundreds of phone numbers on the Internet, I selected a few and prepared a legend for myself, supposedly that I was a pretty junior student with a basic level of English. 

Alas, my “resume” was completely indifferent to employers. Most, without further questions, immediately got down to business and invited to chat live (by the way, no one even asked if I was an adult at all). 

The most active "recruiter" without any equivocals offered to immediately go to work the next day with a passport. There were also proposals to work at home at a personal computer.

I confess honestly: 

I never got to a single live interview, but I never ceased to be sincerely surprised on the phone: “Does the level of a foreign language matter? What if I'm a little plump girl? 

And what to do with too stubborn men for whom verbal flirting is not enough? So: no one was interested in my language knowledge and appearance. The main thing is that the face should be without flaws. And plump or thin, with wide hips or a boyish figure - there are lovers for every type of female beauty. 

Only a small percentage of the clientele are interested in conversations, so you can cope with only elementary school English in your luggage. 

And most importantly - about more than just flirting: we are all adults, no one will force anyone, of course. 

However, foreigners are ready to generously lay out dollars only for "initiative" workers. Well, we live in the modern world and do not suffer from hypocrisy. In the end, demand creates supply, and ready-made "models" will always be found. 

However, an unpleasant thought does not go out of my head: the girls who assure that there is “nothing like that” in this work will someday be able to tell their children without shame how they earned a comfortable life in their youth?