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Top 25 active jobs that can keep you healthy

You will be paid for jobs that will keep you in great shape

Top 25 active jobs that can keep you healthy

If the idea of ​​spending eight hours a day at a desk clearly makes you anxious, you may be better suited to a physically demanding job. We have put together a list of exciting jobs that combine physical activity with regular pay to give you some options. So keep reading if you want to escape the sedentary office grind. These are the top 25 professions around the world.

1. Garden Coordinator / Gardener

Garden Coordinator

Average salary: $36

Gardening can be a good career choice if you prefer being in nature rather than working behind a desk. There are many opportunities, whether you are responsible for maintaining private landscaping, public sites, or immaculate golf courses. It's also a thirsty business, as anyone who's spent a day weeding or planting potatoes can attest to.

2. Soldier


Average salary: $30

Why not learn to live and work in nature if you want to be closer to it? High levels of fitness and durability are essential to soldiers; They will carry heavy loads over long distances and are expected to function properly from their end. The good news is that you will literally be paid to exercise, so joining the army can be a good fit if you are a fitness buff.

3. Factor


Average salary: $44

Working on a construction site can be a satisfying task. This will keep you at your peak fitness, there is a tangible feeling that you are doing well, and there is a strong sense of camaraderie on site. A job in construction might be a good fit for you if you enjoy working outside in all kinds of weather and want more of the more physically demanding work.

4. Roustabout


Average salary: $46,130K

Operating an oil rig requires a strong person. In addition to working in a harsh environment and often away from home, oil drilling is statistically one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. But on the plus side, there is no idle time and the money is good. Workers are also expected to clean and maintain tools and work environments as well as lifting and mixing.

5. Stunt performance

Stunt performance

Average wage: variable

Movie and TV show stunts might satisfy your craving for adrenaline if you're thinking about intentionally smashing cars, setting yourself on fire, and jumping off buildings to be "active." However, getting into this field of business can be challenging, so start making the necessary contacts as soon as possible.

6. Farms


Average salary: $79 thousand

Farming may be a possibility if you want a quieter life outside of the busy city. But you have to be prepared for business challenges. Farmers have been known to put in long hours, with most of their responsibilities being physically demanding, but if you don't mind getting your hands dirty and don't mind working hard, this can be a very happy existence.

7. Server

Fitness instructor

Average salary: $28.710

You may not be aware of how stressful the service can be unless you have made an apron and a notebook yourself. You'll spend the entire night moving between kitchens and tables, but you'll also need to maneuver large, heavy trays carefully so you don't spill them on your customers. But if you work hard, there is a good chance you will make money!

8. Police Officer

Police Officer

Average salary: $71

As a police officer, you are likely to be on the move all day, whether it's monitoring streets and urban areas or physical confrontations with criminals. You have to be physically strong and ready for anything because you never know what you are going to encounter during the transformation.

9. Faller

Average salary: $53,760 thousand

Not surprisingly, logging is one of the most physically demanding occupations. Long days on the job require falls to operate heavy equipment safely, as well as a hand gauge and saw logs to ensure it is properly tied down. Simply put, recording can be a risky business and is not recommended for those who are unfit.

10. Firefighter


Average salary: $55.290

Fire rescue is another very physically demanding profession. Firefighters must be physically fit and have the stamina to lift large objects over potential barriers. To safely rescue people from trapped locations, you will also need to be qualified to operate machinery (such as overturned cars).

11. Dancer / Choreographer

Dancer / Choreographer

Average salary: Various

Not all occupations that require serious physical strength, but that doesn't make them simple either. If you have the discipline and talent for rhythm, why not think about the future on the stage? Professional dancers and choreographers demand tremendous levels of stamina (as well as flexibility and strength in order to get the lifts done).

12. Nurse


Average salary: $82,750 thousand

Being a nurse involves accepting the idea that it's doubtful you'll sit down, use the restroom, or have more than 10 seconds to yourself throughout the course of your shift. After all, nurses don't typically wear heels because they need to be comfortable when working constantly for 12 hours. Instead, they choose for crocs. It's easier to say that if you want to pursue a job in healthcare, you'd best be ready to get active because doctors, paramedics, and other health professionals don't fare much better either.

13. Fisher


Average salary: $31

Even if for many people fishing is the ultimate outdoor pastime, this isn't the time or place for some Sunday morning fishing. On trawlers and other huge vessels, professional fisherman must pull catches and swiftly fill their boxes while operating in potentially dangerous environments. Along with your other responsibilities, you'll be part of a small crew and will be in charge of cooking and cleaning.

14. Fitness instructor

Fitness instructor

Average salary: $45,870

What better way to stay in shape at work than to, well, stay in shape? You'll be doing a lot of physical labor because fitness instructors conduct courses and one-on-one sessions at gyms and health spas throughout the day. Remember that strenuous spin class you attended this morning, after all? Imagine consuming five of those each day!

15. Engineering technician

Engineering technician

Average salary: $61,950 

The majority of engineering technician jobs don't require you to spend much time at a desk, despite the fact that the phrase "engineering technician" covers a broad range of possible positions. You'll frequently find yourself working in physically demanding locations, whether it's scaling communications towers, electrical pylons, or wind turbines to service broken equipment or diving into mines and tunnels to maintain ventilation systems.

16. Waste disposal operator

Waste disposal operator

Typical pay: $42

Making the waste collection rounds is a fantastic place to start if you enjoy getting up early, working outside, and exerting some moderate physical effort. Contrary to popular assumption, garbage removal does not require any prior qualifications and can pay very well. Once your knee joints and your back have had it, there is also the possibility of moving into management.

17. Mover

Average salary: $34,950 

Consider a profession as a mover if you'd rather move furniture than carry trash bags all day. After all, there aren't many occupations that require you to carry hefty furniture up and down six flights of stairs all day!

18. Warehouse worker

Average salary: $32,950 

If you like to put things in order, then this profession will be suitable for you. Work in a warehouse because these boxes will not organize themselves! If you've ever had to lift a chest full of supplies, tools, food, or merchandise, you know just how physically demanding that work can be.

19. Mechanic

Average salary: $50

A career as a mechanic, may be the best option for you if you enjoy working with machinery and want to stay active. You will work in large factories or factories where daily operations such as manufacturing, assembly and disassembly involve the use of heavy machinery.

20. Physio therapist

Average salary: $93,220

Your job as a physical therapist will require a lot of physical effort. While assisting your patients, you will undoubtedly have some downtime, but most of your work is helping your patients while they are being treated through rehabilitation while you are on your feet. Oftentimes, this entails supporting them physically or engaging in therapeutic exercises with them. Because, let's face it, the more you get better, the fitter you get!

21. Housekeeper

Average salary: $29,500

You already know how physically stressful cleaning the bathroom can be, not to mention the entire house. You're in luck if you want to clean up, think you're good at it, and want to turn it into a job. The demand for housekeepers is growing rapidly, and cleaning will keep you busy.

22. Restaurant Manager

Average salary: $65,260

As a restaurant manager, it can be hard to walk away from great food, but you'll never have to worry about achieving your daily goal in this hospitality position. Restaurant managers always welcome diners, put out fires (both figuratively and practically), and make sure those rushes go smoothly.

23. Maintenance and repair worker

Average salary: $46,520 thousand

Look no further if you are looking for a job with some job stability and regular activities. Maintenance and repair workers work on a range of things in homes or buildings to keep them up and running and ready for the next job.

24. Mechanic

Average salary: $48

Consider becoming a mechanic if you want to combine your love of working on cars with fitness. In this position, you'll spend time evaluating faulty cars, identifying problems, figuring out how to fix them, and then getting down to the hard work of actually making the repairs. Their job can be really nasty and difficult, but you will get to practice while carrying parts and replacing damaged auto hoses.

25. Roofer

Average salary: $50

Roofs work in the heat or cold, very high above the ground, and install shingles, asphalt, or metal to the root to provide waterproof capabilities. However, you may want to avoid this if you have poor balance and are afraid of falling off roofs.