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Top 6 job vacancies for inexperienced workers

Anyone who, after graduating from a university or other educational institution, has come across a job search “from scratch”, is well aware of the mysterious axiom of employers. "Employees without job experience are not employed, and it is impossible to gain it if no one hires you," is how it is phrased.

It turns out a vicious circle. 

To break it, there is only one way out: to start a career with vacancies that are willingly taken by applicants without experience. The editors of the "World of Ideas" prepared the top 6 professions for beginners.   

The essence of most companies' refusals to young personnel is that it is more profitable for many recruiters to hire an experienced employee for a slightly higher salary than to invest in the internship of yesterday's student. 

However, this does not mean that all enterprises are guided by such a policy. If you are ready for a couple of years, biting the bit, inspired to work on an irregular schedule for a low salary and at the same time study, study and study again from professionals in your field, then you will most likely quickly find a company with the job of your dreams. And in a few years, you will already be able to safely claim a high salary in any company. 

If for any reason you are not able to get a desired position, do not worry. You can try again and again after a while, but for now the main thing is the desire to work and grow on yourself. For now, try yourself in one of the roles that are described below. In each of them career growth is possible. 

1. Waiter 

Do not rush to pout contemptuously, girls. Although the work of a waiter is not considered prestigious, but the attendants of many expensive cafes, restaurants and clubs earn much more than office plankton. In addition, you can grow to the administrator of the institution. 

Earnings will depend only on your charm and quickness, and all the intricacies of the work are easy to learn in the process. 

The income of an active waitress usually consists of only a third (or even a quarter) of the official salary offered by the establishment, the rest is tips from satisfied customers. 

However, it is worth soberly assessing your strengths and capabilities: not everyone is able to spend many hours on their feet, sometimes smiling sweetly at frankly unpleasant people. 

But if you are physically hardy, sociable and easily smooth out sharp corners in communication, and also have a good memory (waitresses must thoroughly know the entire range of the bar and kitchen and be able to orient the client), then why not?

2. Courier 

This vacancy is popular even among full-time students. Like the previous specialty, it requires a certain physical stamina to wander around the city from morning to evening. However, this is no longer a problem if you have a bike, scooter or even a car. 

A bonus to work will be your perfect knowledge of the city after a couple of months of work. Since the work is responsible (you may be instructed to deliver important documents or valuables), it pays well. However, you are solely responsible for the safety of the package.

3. Call center operator 

Here, employers do not care about work experience if the applicant has all the necessary qualities - sociability, patience (believe me, some clients will call with truly absurd questions), clear diction, and a pleasant voice. 

Many come to work in call centers while studying at a university and stay there after graduation, as operators receive good, quite competitive salaries.

4. Sales consultant 

You can choose the area that interests you personally - cosmetics, perfumes, clothes, shoes, accessories, underwear, alcoholic beverages, sweets. Or maybe you are a rare butterfly among girls who understands cars, computers or fashionable gadgets? 

A car dealership or a mobile store will gladly hire not only an intelligent, but also a nice consultant. There are only three main requirements: a pleasant, neat appearance, the ability to win over a client and a good knowledge of the products offered (this skill will appear shortly after the start of the internship). 

For successful work, it is quite possible to get a promotion - the position of store administrator.

5. Sales manager 

The difference between this vacancy and the previous one is that you will not need to constantly look into the faces of potential buyers and constantly stretch your lips in a smile. 

Your communication with clients will take place mainly in a virtual mode - telephone conversations, e-mail correspondence. 

Yes, and we will not talk about retail sales, but about wholesale deliveries. 

You will also learn how to write commercial proposals, prepare presentations, develop a strategy for finding new clients and form client bases - all these skills can be useful many times in the future in any job. 

For successful performance, they may well eventually be promoted to the head of the department. However, before embarking on such work, take a look at yourself from the outside. 

Do you have enough assertiveness and patience in dealing with indecisive customers? 

Do you have the courage and sociability to convince dozens of people every day that it is with your firm that their lives will change for the better? Self-confidence is the main weapon in this position, which will more than pay for the lack of experience.

6. Assistant manager / office manager

In some enterprises, this may be the same position. An experienced leader, most likely, will be ready to gradually teach you the "school of life" himself. 

The main thing is that you, in turn, perform the main task for which you were hired - to make life easier for the boss or even the entire office. Punctuality, responsibility, quickness, composure, the ability to plan one’s own and other people’s time, patience when working both with the routine preparation of documents and with an eccentric boss - the list of requirements can be supplemented by the management of each individual company at its discretion. 

The main plus is that you will learn everything. Even the most unexpected things like the ability to urgently find a copier at 7 o'clock in the morning in a big city. The main disadvantage: 

if you are a personal assistant, forget about your personal life for a few years. This can be compensated by good earnings, but many managers work in an irregular schedule and believe that they have the same right to the personal time of their subordinate. Either immediately reconcile, or do not even get to work.

The list of vacancies for which employers are ready to take a person without work experience is, of course, much larger than we have described. To verify this, just go to the "Start of a Career" section of any online employment portal. Remember the golden proverb: 

water does not flow under a lying stone. Many of today's successful leaders of large companies began their careers with a more than modest job as a courier or phone call manager. 

Good luck in your search for the perfect job!