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10 Tips to Promote Your Small Blog on Twitter

10 Tips to Promote Your Small Blog on Twitter

Many are already anticipating the imminent downfall of Twitter. Some say that Twitter is no longer effective in terms of attracting visitors to its resources and in terms of promoting its brand.

Yes, it is very difficult to do now, but if you take this issue seriously, you can surround yourself with the most "living" audience that will be interested: read your tweets, follow your links, retweet, retweet.

Some people think that if they automatically stream articles on Twitter without taking enough time to grow their account, they will get hundreds of visits. This is far from reality, so there is nothing to be achieved.

So I decided to write a short list of behavioral tips on Twitter that will help you surround your account with an interested audience.

10 Tips to Promote Your Small Blog on Twitter

1. The first thing 

I will start with is rather a life tip that will help you preserve your reputation in some life situations. Think about what you write. “What is there to think, there are only 140 characters. Write and write to yourself,” you might think, but no matter what.

Twitter is a powerful marketing product and great service. More than a hundred people will see your message (unless, of course, you have more than one bot in your followers), so you still need to think first that you want to tweet on your account.

2. The second point refers to the individuals 

I mentioned above. If you do not actively maintain your microblog, you should not expect a return from it. Therefore, you do not need to think only about personal gain, just immerse yourself in communication. Connect with your audience, don't refuse help if someone needs it, retweet the news you like. People will definitely see your activity and the number of followers will increase by itself.

3. Avoid conflict in any way. 

With that said, Twitter is a public platform, so even if you're right, you could lose a portion of your audience. And any attack from another user can always be translated into a joke (unless, of course, everything is fine with your sense of humor).

Do not subscribe to those people who have thousands of followers and followings. Such people simply won’t notice you, and if they follow you in response, it means that the person has such following set up automatically. Yes, and reading the tape of such users will not make you any pleasure.

5. Uniqueize all possible data in your account. 

That is: be sure to insert a beautiful avatar, preferably your photo, change the background, fill in information about yourself.

6. Be sure to thank the people who helped you, like retweeting your tweet.

7. Ask questions more often, if the audience is live, then you will definitely get several answers. If one of the other users asks a question, do not stand aside, try to help at least with something.

If you are competent in this matter, you simply have to help a person, especially since writing a 140-character answer can hardly be called help.

8. Try to share not only links to some textual information, but also to photos and videos . It's always interesting to see someone's photos.

9. Don't post too much about what you're doing right now. Of course, there is a slight hint of fludering on Twitter, but constantly reading that you, for example, went to the bath, now you eat cabbage soup, and then that you brush your teeth is, to put it mildly, not very interesting to people. Know the measure.

10. Slightly unusual item. Do not write to your microblog when, let's say, you are not adequate (alcohol, bad mood, and so on). This can lead to negative consequences.