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15 proven online business ideas for women

Digital technologies have made our life not only more comfortable and enjoyable, but also made it possible to earn money without leaving home. Online business for women is a great opportunity to combine household chores, childcare with a career and earnings.

15 proven online business ideas for women

Online business is suitable not only for those who want to combine home and work. This is a chance to start your own business with minimal investment. Buying real estate or renting premises is one of the most tangible items of expenditure at the start of a project. The online format allows you to save on this at first.

Internet business features

Before you change traditional work to virtual, you need to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages. Among the advantages of online business for women:

Low investment at the start. Many activities on the Internet do not require start-up investments at all. To start earning, you only need a computer and the Internet.

Wide audience reach. Depending on the scope of your business, you can cooperate with customers throughout USA and even around the world.

Independence. You yourself can regulate your schedule, make plans, manage income. Only you determine the direction of development of your enterprise.

Variety of activities. A person with almost any education and skills will be able to find a suitable niche for himself.

If you earn through the Internet, there is no need to go to the office, meet with superiors and colleagues. However, it also has a drawback:

Working from home in comfortable conditions, free schedule quickly relax. Therefore, good self-discipline is needed - the requirements for running a virtual business are as strict as for offline projects.

Some potential customers do not trust goods and services on the Internet. For such people, it is important that the company is located in the office, and the goods can be seen with your own eyes before buying.

It is necessary to know the specifics of online business promotion, to understand what specialists are needed for this.

Otherwise, an online business is no different from offline businesses.

How to start a business online for a woman

There are many online business ideas for women. To choose a suitable project, evaluate your interests, skills, tastes. The more involved in any business, the higher the chances of success.

Write what you would like to do, and then cross out those options that cannot be implemented via the Internet. From the rest of the directions, choose the most popular.

Before you open any online business for women, make a detailed plan. Be sure to include the necessary costs, the expected profit in it, in order to determine the approximate payback period.


The easiest and safest form of e-commerce. To start selling, you do not need to purchase a product and generally invest money. You are acting as an intermediary. The client pays for the goods, the supplier sends it, and you get the difference between the wholesale and retail prices.

But to launch such a business, you need a base of potential buyers and reliable suppliers. Therefore, this option is suitable for women who have already worked in the trading field.

Goods from China

AliExpress is a Chinese marketplace that ships orders worldwide. Buying something at retail is not profitable there - shipping is often quite expensive and does not depend on the size of the lot. Therefore, the more you order, the lower the unit cost.

One of the Internet business options for women is to buy large quantities at a bargain price and resell in Russia at a premium. Another way to earn money is to participate in an affiliate program. You do not sell anything, but only advertise the product and give a link to it. If a person clicks through and makes a purchase, the AliExpress seller credits your account with a cash reward.


This online business idea for women is suitable for creative and active individuals. Posting daily on Instagram or other similar platforms can make good money. According to experienced bloggers, success is guaranteed if you cover topics that you truly love and know. Gradually, the audience will grow, and your account will become interesting as an advertising platform.

If you do not want to shoot videos yourself, you can maintain accounts of popular bloggers. Often they do not have time for routine tasks, they devote all the time to creating content.

Earnings on affiliates

To attract customers, many online schools and services are developing partnership programs, inviting everyone to become their ambassadors. Basic conditions: the presence of a page in social networks, a blog or a website where information about the course or the possibilities of the service will be posted. For each client, the partner receives a percentage.

Earning on comments

By registering on specialized exchanges, you can receive money not only for writing comments, but also for likes, answering questions, etc. In this way, many sites “wind up” behavioral indicators for search engines. True, you should not expect that you will receive a lot for such work.

Handmade goods

A great opportunity to turn a hobby into a business . Clothes, toys, handmade accessories are popular - each such product is unique. Buyers can offer:

  • author's postcards, candles;
  • cosmetics and handmade soap;
  • crocheted or knitted things;
  • jewelry made of beads, natural stones;
  • crockery, kitchen utensils, textiles, etc.

You can exhibit products on your own website, in social networks, on specialized platforms.

Growing greenery

Microgreens are a popular trend among healthy eaters. To grow young greens for sale, a small home greenhouse is enough. Such a business can be run via the Internet - the idea is suitable for women who live in big cities. Collect orders and deliver fresh herbs around the city.


An idea for women who have expertise in a particular area. In order to launch your own course, you will need to create its program, prepare materials, and also find a company that will promote you as a coach.

SMM services

Today, social networks are a powerful tool for business development. Therefore, the demand for SMM specialists is growing. If you know and understand the principles of social media, you can easily turn your skills into a stable income. The project development option is to open your own SMM agency.

Website development

Learning to do this is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. If you wish, you can find all the information and training videos on this issue. The demand for creating websites is not decreasing - different types of businesses are moving to the online format. All these companies need their own resources: both one-pagers and full-fledged portals.

Tutoring online

This is an interesting business for women with teaching talent. Unlike the information business, where you need to create a full-fledged course, here it is enough to become a member of the tutor platform or place an ad on local information portals about conducting online lessons.

Through the Internet, you can teach anything: subjects from the school and university curriculum, foreign languages, music. Organize classes for expectant mothers or a school of eloquence - it all depends on your own skills.

Remote consultations

Suitable for true professionals in any field. By phone or in online chats, you can consult and help in professional matters. For example, offer your help as an accountant, lawyer, analyst, marketer, etc.


Writing texts to order is one of the business options for women. Take orders from advertising agencies or on special exchanges. And over time, you can start your own project, offering work to other authors.

Network marketing on the Internet

Multi-level marketing has also moved to the Internet, making it possible to earn money. Anyone who has 2-3 hours of free time, a computer and the Internet can join it. Beginners are offered free training and fair commission payments.

Web design

One of the most sought after jobs. At the same time, it is not necessary to work in the office - all tasks can be handled remotely. Over time, you can develop the project - organize your own web studio and take expensive orders.

You can start an online business at any age, regardless of the previous profession. The main thing is the desire to develop and learn new things!