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15 Tricks to Increase Productivity

You get the impression that although you are trying, the work is standing still and not moving forward. This is probably because you don't have a plan and you do things randomly and randomly.

15 Tricks to Increase Productivity

Improving productivity  is an important, often discussed topic, as it helps to save a lot of time.

Almost everyone knows this, but few follow it. In addition, everyone has only a certain, individual resource.

We are humans, not robots. If you're following your daily plan and schedule and you're still not on time, chances are you're dealing with things that can be delegated to a helper (other people).

You can also increase productivity by eliminating time-consuming things. Just prioritize. If a piece of work is not that important, you can often just not do it.

Many people also make the mistake of working in ways that bring themselves to exhaustion. They usually leave very little time for rest with the feeling that a half-hour break is a waste of time.

This, of course, is a mistake. On the contrary, such a break helps a lot, and then you do a lot more.

15 Tricks to Increase Productivity

1. Go to bed earlier and start the day earlier.

2. In advance, in the evening, make a plan of action for the next day.

3. Make a "to-do list."

4. Turn off your phone, turn off the sounds on your computer and avoid distractions.

5. Break your work into separate blocks.

6. Instead of a face-to-face meeting (if possible), choose an online meeting.

7. Learn to say NO.

8. Get rid of the influence of people who take up your time and drag you down.

9. Learn from the more experienced.

10. Eat well, rest, relax, drink regularly.

11. Set only realistic goals.

12. Set your priorities.

13. Outsource work that others can do (emails and other correspondence, shopping, phone calls, etc.).

14. Find an online assistant.

15. Think positively.

Lastly, make time for hobbies and fun— work doesn't have to be your whole life. Otherwise, you will quickly burn out and achieve nothing.