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20 Ways to Increase the Popularity of Your Business Page on Facebook

This article presents you with 20 very simple but effective ways and rules to promote your page on Facebook, the careful observance of which, with a high degree of probability, will significantly increase the return on the efforts you have spent on the presence of your company on the social network.

1. Don't post too often

A fairly common misconception among page owners is that, once they create a Facebook business account, many of them think that in order to maintain consistent user interest, they need to post as much news and content as possible. This is not entirely true.

20 Ways to Increase the Popularity of Your Business Page on Facebook

In fact, although there are no universal methods, in most cases it is not recommended to post news on the brand page more than once a day.

The reason is simple: refreshing a page relatively infrequently is unlikely to cause you to lose the "fans" who like it. At the same time, a large stream of updates can be perceived by users almost as spam.

2. Post content that gets liked

The more users comment, like, and share your content, the more EdgeRank your page will have. And as a result, even more people will be able to see your post.

Keep track of which of your posts are popular and which are not, and over time you will develop the “ideal” post formula for the audience of your page.

3. Post pictures and videos

Text updates are almost always boring and don't really stand out in the user's news feed. In addition, statistics show that photo albums attract 180% more attention from "fans". Single photos are 120% and videos are 100%.

4. Determine the best days and times to post news

In general, it's hard to give universal advice on when is the best time to post new posts.

However, statistics show that the majority of users interact with brand pages from nine to ten at night and their age ranges from 18 to 24 years.

Of course, if your target audience goes beyond people 18-24 years old, then you will have to choose a different time. The best advice in this case is, as with content, to do a little research of your own and find out what time and day exactly your “fans” are most active.

5. Ask your “fans” to turn on post notifications

Of course, it is far from the fact that all users will do this, but it is definitely worth at least trying. The result will be more than just good. Every update you make will be 100% noticed by those "fans" who have turned on notifications for your page.

Accordingly, its popularity will grow. Yes, of course, it’s not worth waiting for an avalanche of new likes and comments, but the overall coefficient of interaction with users will definitely increase .

6. Paid Posts

If you don't mind the idea of ​​spending money on Facebook, then you can easily increase the popularity of your posts. A paid post means that for an amount from 5 to 200 US dollars, you get the opportunity to expand the audience of your publication not only to all your fans, but also to their friends and even friends of their friends.

7. Always ask for feedback from users

"Feedback" is good not only to increase the involvement of "fans" in your page, but also as a way to get new ideas for brand development from users in the form of comments. Provided, of course, that you ask them the right questions.

Asking "fans" in your posts can definitely increase the number of comments, which are much more important for your EdgeRank score than simple likes.

8. Game actions "Come up with a caption for the photo", and "Finish the sentence"

These two games with users can be a real treasure to attract the attention of users to your page. Especially - provided that the number of your "fans" is large enough.

You can place a photo in a separate post and ask your subscribers to come up with a funny, interesting, or simply suitable caption for it.

Or just write a text post like "I'm going to do ____ tonight" and ask the "fans" to finish it. Of course, these games are only suitable for you if the general spirit and content of the page match them.

9. Inspirational quotes and images

One of the best ways to engage users is to include inspirational quotes and images on your page. Of course, they must be somehow related to the business you are in.

People - especially those who use Facebook - love quotes and pictures, so if the general style of your page allows it, then it's definitely worth putting them on it.

10. Organize contests and sweepstakes on your page

People love anything that's free - so give them a chance to win something. Sweepstakes posts most often provide pages with a lot of popularity. Therefore, if you advertise your competition on Facebook, then, of course, the number of your "fans" will increase significantly as a result.

Of course, it's best if the prize that the winner or winners receive has something to do with your company's activities.

11. Ask "fans" to share your page, post or contest

This point, like the one that talked about notifications, is of course not the most honest, but the result is worth a try. Simply add phrases like “share if you like it” or “like if you agree” at the end of your posts.

12. Be funny from time to time

Nothing attracts users like a funny post, picture or video. Try to be funny (but don't overdo it!) and you'll see your new comments and likes go up. And, as a result, the EdgeRank coefficient!

13. Use Facebook offers

Facebook offers are a great way to get new visitors to your page and drive sales for your business as a result . If you have any unique application, be sure to use the Facebook offers system to advertise it on the social network.

The “fans” who bought your product, in turn, will tell their friends about the great offer and, as a result, its sales will increase significantly .

14. Inspire "fans" to tag you in your photos

Another good way to increase the popularity of your page is to ask your "fans" to put their tags on the photos you upload. The ideal would be, of course, that the photographs really show your "fans" (for example, photographs from various events held by your company).

However, if, say, you publish a photo of some new “super cool” product, then in this case it is quite possible to ask users to tag themselves in the photo if they like the product. But do not forget that in this way you should not abuse it too much, and it is also not recommended to be intrusive.

15. Coupons and sales

People love not only free things, but also just discounts. Provide your "fans" with unique discount coupons or promo codes on sales. If your offer really turns out to be worthwhile, then, no doubt, users themselves will begin to share your post promoting the discount.

Thus, not only the sales of your product will increase, but also the number of your subscribers will increase significantly. Double win!

16. Inspire users to check in at your company

Of course, this advice is only relevant if your company has a physical address, and does not exist only online. Facebook check-ins are shown in users' Timelines and their friends can see this activity.

This will increase the popularity of your page (don't forget to make sure that your page is available for check-ins). Ask "fans" to check in not only directly in the posts on your page, but also place relevant announcements in your real offices.

17. Strive to win the friends of your "fans"

The easiest way to attract new users to your page is to target an audience of friends of your "fans". If someone sees that their friend has liked a post on your page, then it is likely that he or she will want to see what is interesting there: friendly recommendations are most effective.

You can get new followers both naturally and through viral campaigns through advertisements, paid posts, or regular Facebook ads. Of course, it will cost a certain amount of money, but in the end it will bring quite tangible results.

18. Surprise your audience

Social media is generally a great place for this because people love to share positive and amazing stories.

Do something out of the ordinary - donate money to a local charity, post a story about rescuing a kitten high up a tree, post a video of something cute that happened in your store recently .

Just do something that will make your "fans" wonder or say "wow", "incredible" and so on. As a result, you will receive a huge volume of new comments and likes.

19. Don't be verbose

The easiest advice. Try not to keep your text posts too long. Posts of 100-250 characters usually get 60% more likes and comments than longer posts. People don't particularly like spending time reading on social media.

20. Focus on your target audience

Are your Facebook page followers scattered all over the world? Do you have an offer that is relevant only for a particular country or even a city? How about targeting specifically young or adult users?

Facebook allows you to choose the audience you would like to address your message to. You can choose gender, marital status, education, interests, age and language. Thus, if you already have a post ready for publication that is intended for a specific segment of your audience, focus only on it!

This will allow you not to bother the rest of the “fans” and increase the popularity of the post among those users that you are interested in.

Here, in general, and all the main practices that you can implement in the activities of your company on Facebook. With skillful use, they will give excellent results . Now - to work!