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It took only a few months after the appearance of the photo site (or, more precisely, the photo social network) Pinterest for it to go through all the development cycles and become a truly stellar phenomenon.

According to reports, at present, the number of active users of the network is more than 200 million per month . And although the increase in the number of users today is no longer so fast, the use of the network is increasingly wide and diverse.

How and how Pinterest can help an entrepreneur

4 success stories on Pinterest

Pinterest is delivering impressive results for some small entrepreneurs, though sometimes linking results and effort can be tricky. For many, posting pictures, comments or likes seem to be something meaningless and useless. However, if you remember that each repost of your picture (repin, from the English re-pin) is a link to the original picture, then all the great opportunities that this type of posting provides to attract visitors to your site open up.

If Pinterest is redirecting people to your site, then you can easily get an idea of ​​how much it even makes sense. With the help of Google tools (the same Google Analytics) you can find out how many users went to your site from Pinterest and how much money they brought you.

If your goal is to retain or attract the attention of users, you can use the analytics of the site itself, which will show how many subscribers you have and how their number changes, track traffic, the number of repins, likes or comments.

And as an example, here are four short stories (stories) about four small business people who achieved success on Pinterest using different tactics.

No 1. Use versatile strategies

Carl Christensen and his wife, Ina , run their own small business in Pennsylvania, in a quaint town called New Hope. They use Pinterest along with Etsy, a very popular platform in the west for artists and other creators who don't mind selling their creations.

Carl, the photographer, posts photos of his work, which he already has in his Etsy store, on his Pinterest page, and Ina, the jewelry maker, does the same. People click on an image on Pinterest and go straight to a virtual shop on Etsy, which is run by a married couple and where you can immediately buy the product or photo they like.

The Christensens are not limited to their own photos: they post on Pinterest and other pictures that they find on the net and that they consider beautiful or inspiring enough. However, the main task of their page on the social network is to serve as a kind of catalog of their products.

Carl Christensen says that traffic coming from the social network Pinterest led to a noticeable increase in sales , and today remains the second highest source of customers (the first place remains with the almighty Google). The artist admitted that by combining his Etsy and Pinterest accounts, he began to receive about $60,000 a year.

No 2. Start getting good traffic

When Kim Gordon and her 15-year-old daughter Chloe created, they envisioned a fashion portal for teens, sort of like The Daily Candy, but more localized, with local news from their hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

Shortly after the creation of the site, Chloe also made her own Pinterest board, where she began to post beautiful pictures she found on the web: photos of artists and other stars, pictures from fashion shows and more.

Bright and beautiful pictures are like candy for Pinterest users, and such content is almost doomed to success. And if clicking on such a picture will lead the user to some site - for example, to, then this will bring a significant increase in traffic. And this, in turn, will increase the income that the site receives from advertising.

For example, a photo essay on how to do a quality French manicure at home, which Chloe posted on Pinterest, brought more than 10,000 unique users to her site in one month.

So thanks in large part to Pinterest, Popcosmo has over 120,000 views per month, and is now looking for nationwide advertisers interested in teenage audiences.

No 3. Use the full range of opportunities

Jen Barnett, the owner of Freshfully, a grocery store in Birmingham, Alabama, knew that without the ability to run her own delivery service, she needed to be extra creative. So she turned her gaze to the monitor screen and started her own Pinterest board, where she began to collect recipes for dishes from seasonal products. She ended up with over 500 recipes in her collection, and the goal was to inspire people to buy Freshfully products.

Barnett didn't count exactly how many visitors or buyers a Pinterest board brought to her. She says that all her tools - Pinterest, Facebook, her own website, news and SMS mailing lists, Twitter - are all very closely connected.

At the same time, Jen admits that she did not spend a penny on advertising, and at the same time, in the first year, the sales level was at least $500,000. At this point in time, Jen only works through her own website.

No 4. Stay tuned

Mr.Rooter is a network of plumbing service companies, a major franchiser with more than 250 stores. One of the stores, located in Waco, Texas, where the company is headquartered, has created its own Pinterest board.

From this board, called Where In The World Is Mr.Rooter, the user is taken to a page with a kind of comic book, which shows in detail how to solve simple everyday problems on your own. And it is a huge success with visitors.

The company is old school and prefers to keep track of the number of users and views brought in by each social media account.

The project coordinator, Rachel Florence, says that each account is registered to a different phone number, which makes it possible to obtain information on the users of each of the networks.

She sees Pinterest primarily as a tool to keep potential customers focused on a brand and as a way to quickly find a company if a person has a need for related services. “Our job is to make sure they remember our name ,” says Rachel, “so that if they need a plumber, we will be the first person they think of.”