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Anger room project idea to relieve stress

Modern life is very busy and full of stress. Many try to get rid of negativity and get rid of it by cracking dishes and destroying furniture in their homes. In many European countries, a profitable business has long been built on such people, which gives them the opportunity to conquer and destroy other things, but for a fee. Now rage chambers are beginning to appear in USA.

Anger room project idea to relieve stress

For the first time, rooms for active psychological rest appeared in America in 2008. Their essence is simple: a person in a stressful situation enters the room, destroys everything in it for 30-40 minutes and leaves from there already calm and satisfied with life, having vented all his anger on the plates and cups vases and chairs.

In order to take the first steps in this business, you will need a small start-up capital - about 5-6 thousand dollars:

Rent or purchase buildings. Finding a room to arrange the room is not difficult. It is enough to rent an old and cheap cellar. The main condition is the presence of good soundproofing in order to avoid dissatisfaction with neighbors.

Buying used, non-working equipment at a cheap or free cost. The "menu" of the anti-stress attraction can contain anything: dishes, monitors, telephones, mirrors, sofas, tables, even clothes.

You will also need several sets of inexpensive (perhaps not new) dishes. All of this will come out at about $3,000. Equipment for visitors: helmets, protective clothing, gloves, plastic goggles, respirators and small parts.

Organizing an advertising campaign in social networks and print media.

An obligatory point is to create your own website, through which anyone can book a rage room for a convenient day.

It would be much more interesting if the anger room was thematic, and after a session of this treatment, the visitor would have the opportunity to see everything in the video.