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 Business idea: Automated self-service coffee shops

Automated self-service coffee shops

Starting your own business always seems like something difficult and time-consuming. However, this is absolutely not the case. The reason for opening a self-service coffee shop can be a number of factors:

  • Small investment.
  • Mobile equipment.
  • Inexpensive rent.
  • Marginality from 55%.
  • There are no employee salaries.
  • Net profit starts after the 4th cup sold.
  • Delicious and quality product.
  • High customer demand.

Yes, that's right, coffee drinks are very much in demand in our country. Moreover, the demand for them is growing every year. More and more people are starting to drink coffee as often as possible. 

In the morning it becomes a kind of ritual for energizing and waking up, and in the evening spending time in a pleasant company in collaboration with a delicious dessert. 

In addition, coffee has become a trend among young people. Numerous photos on social networks confirm this fact.

You can think about opening a full-fledged coffee shop or an old format vending. After all, this is also coffee, why not ?! But let's see why it's still NO.

Firstly, a full-fledged coffee shop requires a considerable investment, which will not pay off as quickly as in a self-service coffee shop. In addition, you will definitely need personnel who need to pay decent wages every month, and these are additional financial expenses, which means that a quick payback tells us: “Bye”.

Secondly, this type of coffee house cannot be made an additional income, but only the main one, because this is a rather complicated business that requires close attention. 

The resources spent on constantly running and maintaining such a business take too much time. Finding a location for a full-fledged coffee shop is very energy-intensive and sometimes fruitless. Why? 

Because the “tidbits” have long been occupied and relations with promising landlords have long been built. 

Finding something worthy is extremely difficult, and with such a large investment, it is quite risky. In addition to all of the above, you need to take into account the human factors of your hired employees. Nobody canceled the risk of theft and negligence. This fact may affect the business slightly, and may be significant.

Now let's turn our attention to the old-style vending. Of course, first of all, this is the appearance of these devices. Gray, nondescript designs do not inspire due confidence. 

And also in our country, many people have already formed the opinion that such vending prepares low-quality and tasteless drinks. Why engage in a business that is not trusted by potential buyers?

Let's get back to self-service coffee shops. They are also called coffee points, coffee stations, coffee corners. Self-service coffee houses give us a great opportunity to earn money at any time of the year, in crisis situations and pandemics. 

In a difficult time, when visits to coffee shops, bars and restaurants were limited or prohibited due to the pandemic, many companies were not ready for such a development of events, suffered losses and closed. Coffee points continued their work and brought profit to their owners, because they were not included in the category of sanctioned places.

The advantage of coffeepoints is that they do not need any special permissions for their activities. This fact greatly simplifies the life of an individual entrepreneur, because you should not be afraid of conflict situations with regulatory authorities.

Every day coffee stations are modernized and improved. Modern design fits perfectly into the urban landscape. Today they have become completely automated. They themselves will accept payment, give out a glass, pour a drink and add syrup. This is the perfect solution for introverts.

Taking coffee with you is a new lifestyle, an opportunity to demonstrate one's employment and active position, a peculiar characteristic of a modern civilized society. 

Customers value convenience and speed and are increasingly found in shopping malls, entertainment complexes and other public places.

Summarizing all of the above, we can conclude that self-service coffee houses are modern business solutions, quite simple, but at the same time exciting and rich.