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Binoculars display project idea

Business idea: Placement of viewing binoculars. Initial capital - 1 thousand dollar. Investments - Your time to search for placements Monthly income - from 1 thousand dollar. 

Binoculars display project idea

Payback period - 1 day. Very positive and pleasant kind of business. Initially, it takes your time and effort to find places to place in crowded places suitable for placing such equipment. 

Next, you need to coordinate the place with the owner of the land, these can be entertainment venues, restaurants (the easiest and fastest way to negotiate with them, the appearance of the binoculars and its very purpose is perceived as a decoration for the establishment), or a site owned by the city administration, in this case already All issues must be resolved with the administration. 

After receiving permission to place, we send this contract to the manufacturer of binoculars and he sends you viewing binoculars for FREE (there is the only company in USA that works according to this scheme, i.e. affiliate program) You receive binoculars, place them and start making a profit from the first day of work. 50% of the profit is yours, the remaining 50% is taken by the company under the terms of the partnership agreement. 

In many cities of USA, binoculars are installed and bring a constant profit to their owners, it does not have to be a resort town, a fairly well-traversed place, and a good view. If viewing binoculars are not yet installed in your city, then a great opportunity opens up for you. 

Maintenance requires 20-30 minutes per month, this is battery replacement and cash register removal. All revenue and battery charge is visible in your personal account, the information is updated hourly. The more binoculars you have, the more your profit will be. Do not be afraid and everything will work out for you!