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Business idea: 100 friends on social media

100 friends club

Business idea 100 friends

The idea is from the United States, where, at the dawn of social networks, a teenager decided to find friends to put likes and positive comments on each other.

Sounds like a cliched idea, but what kind of work is this?

In addition to the likes for themselves, the organizer began to accept applications on a paid basis, they started with the same likes, but for people who were not in the group, then paid ratings ...

The group grew into 1,000 friends, then 10,000.

For the development of the group came great profits.

Now it is a serious lobbying force in the United States with active users

More than 200,000 people.

Now he is involved in major political projects and the founder earns several million dollars a year!

How hard is it to attract people?

Easily! You do not need to assign any additional tasks, it is enough to find only 10 active people, each of them will bring 10 more people and collect 100 people in a group.

How do you get people to complete tasks?

“Work” is not difficult, at your leisure, go to the desired link and like it.

Even if there are 100 likes per day, it is still not difficult.

Benefits for the one you love - Once I need something, people will love it too.

What about discipline?

By analogy with America - failure to complete several tasks = exclusion from the group.


The organizer takes 25% of the total amount of money earned, and the rest is divided proportionally among all participants.

Can the process be automated?

yes! At first, you can do everything manually, but then you can order a specially developed software at a cost of about $100.

What can you earn?

For paid comments and likes. Then on paid reviews, not only in social networks, but also in forums and websites, to form public opinion and other things.

What is the advantage of such a service over a cheat exchange?

Everything is done by live people, not bots. This ensures that the review is published and has a long life!

where do I start?

You always need to start small so you don't get into big trouble right away)

Open an account on one of the social networks, offer to join forces and manage operations.

After a while, you'll feel ready to move on!

Am I sure I can do this?

Even if you don't succeed, what do you have to lose?

This type of earnings does not require initial costs - and accordingly, you can just waste the time spent, and earn much more!

How much can you earn?

let's go back

For 1 like we take 10 cents.

For a short suspension 20-50 cents.

For a detailed review/advertisement from $5.

Video review of $10.

For everything together, get $70. Per month!

At home, on the computer, in your spare time!