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How can I make a project from working on old tires

Environmentally oriented businesses are gaining popularity every year . Today, aspiring entrepreneurs have a huge number of opportunities not only to make their own planet cleaner, but also to make decent money on it. 

Business idea: Business on old tire

In particular, a profitable business can be built on the processing of old car tires into small crumb rubber.

To open a processing mini-factory, you need to purchase specialized equipment. It is better that the production line is able to produce rubber chips of various sizes - this way the circle of buyers expands significantly.

Rubber crumb is used in various fields of activity : for arranging football lawns, in construction and the automotive industry, in organizing playgrounds, etc. 

The main thing is to quickly establish distribution channels.

It is also easy to organize the supply of old tires. Waste processing plants and sorting shops will not refuse to transfer part of their work to you for a moderate percentage of the profits. 

Thus, even on old tires that have served their time, you can quite build a profitable business.