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Business idea: Eco-factory of recycling plastic into outdoor furniture

Today, caring for the environment and the environment is at the fore in almost all regions around the world. A large number of entrepreneurs are also working for this. Businesses that rely on ecological production or, for example, processing, have a great chance of success. 

Business idea: Eco-factory of recycling plastic into outdoor furniture

Moreover, it is an opportunity to receive grants and support from the state. And in general, there should be no problems with orders, again - due to the growing trend towards environmental friendliness.

What kind of business can you open if you are interested in this direction? A great option is to open an eco-factory that specializes in recycling recycled materials from used plastics and producing new sustainable outdoor furniture and building materials from it.

These products are essential for the fields of improvement, construction, HORECA market, etc. So searching for markets and selling goods will not be difficult.

Target audience and channels of communication with it.

Main clients:

Government clients - administration and municipalities (33%).
SMEs from the HORECA sector - restaurants, shopping malls, hotels (26%)
Companies involved in city improvement - HOA and UK (18%)
Developers and construction companies (15%)
Individuals (8%)
In total, more than 40 sales directions (yard areas, parks, dams, country hotel territories, schools, hospitals, SNT, shopping malls, malls and many more)

Communication channels: personal meetings, customer recommendations, participation in city and federal events and exhibitions, interaction through social networks with socially active people and bloggers, mention in media and TV stories, and as a result, increased brand awareness and trust in a new, environmentally friendly and useful form of production . 

For the promotion of products and the collection of orders, the launch of contextual and targeted advertising, as well as placement in markets and offline advertising in regions, is also suitable as an advertising source.

Initial investment amount up to $80,000:

$64000 - the main set of equipment and about $16000. Funds required as additional costs to prepare for the workshop.

To carry out such work, 4 working people will be required. For buildings, you need a workshop building with an area of ​​120 to 160 square meters to accommodate one production line (when expanding production, an area of ​​180 to 240 square meters will be required).

Necessary equipment: a machine for the production of polymer sand mixture, a hydraulic press, molds for the manufacture of products and sheets. In addition, the installation of forced ventilation of the workshop is required.

There is also additional equipment: a molding table, drilling and sawing machines, a set of operating tools, consumables.

You will have to regularly purchase raw materials: 

plastic, sand (monthly consumption of about $4400.00) and supply of paint for a month ($1,000).

Business profitability is estimated in the range of 50 to 100%.

The payback period is from 10 to 12 months.