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Business idea: Figured chocolate at home

Business idea: Figured chocolate at home

The essence of the business is to buy chocolate cheaply, melt it into different figures, color it and sell it for a 500% profit. 

These are real indicators, they are easy to check by comparing the purchase price and the price of finished figures. Orders can be sent by mail and SDEK, you can even work in the countryside!  

You can work from home, you need a microwave, refrigerator and good sanitary conditions.  

The business is simple and perfect for beginners, experienced entrepreneurs will very quickly increase turnover and income. 

To start, you need only one thousand dollar.
It will take you about 2 weeks to launch, taking into account the waiting for the delivery of materials. In another 3-4 weeks, you will recoup the investment, when launched before the holidays, many times faster.  

Business idea: Figured chocolate at home

There are six stages in total: 

Procurement. We buy 27 kg of Belgian chocolate, food coloring, boxes, molds, tools and other small things. 

It is important to know the contacts of direct suppliers and manufacturers, otherwise you can overpay up to two times to intermediaries.  

Manufacturing technology.  
Next, you learn how to make your first chocolate. If you know the technology, then you will master everything in one day. It is important not only to be able to make figures, but also to do it quickly, with high productivity.  

Marketing.  Create selling sets, with high profits. It is important to take into account many criteria, otherwise you can make a beautiful set, but very large in weight, which almost no one will buy. 

Then you are engaged in advertising, the main sales channel is advertising on Instagram, but there are also other ways: active sales, cold calls, affiliate marketing and even leaflets, all this works well before the holidays. 

We learn how to correctly process applications so that there is a good conversion into payment. 

Accounting. We organize accounting of money, materials, products, orders and everything that can be counted. This is very important for management.  

Logistics.   We will learn how to properly pack the kits so that they do not break or melt during delivery and that the packaging cost does not exceed 1% of the order value. We create a warehouse of materials, finished products and already placed orders.  

Control.We analyze accounting data and optimize business processes and costs. We hire couriers, order processing managers and, in the future, confectioners themselves. We are engaged in management constantly, from the very beginning.  

Business idea: Figured chocolate at home

This business has so many advantages, so many that it seems unbelievable.  

Why you should start this business: 

Chocolate can be shaped into any shape. A huge springboard for creativity and detuning from competitors. 

You can make your own molds or buy ready-made ones in a large assortment. You can even make shapes based on 3D printed models. 

To start a turnkey project, you need only 60 thousand rubles. 
Unsuccessful or unsold figurines can be melted down. 

Very long shelf life of finished products - up to 1 year without loss of quality.  

It is easy to compete with local chocolatiers as most work as artisans rather than entrepreneurs. 

Big profit. 1 kg of chocolate costs about 20 $, and the income from it is about 200 $. Net profit 150 $. (just over 500%). 

It is easy to grow from home production to a full-fledged TsEKh. 

Training is only 1 day. Filling the figurines is easy.  
Payback is 1.5 months or less if you launch before the holiday.  

You can work from the suburbs or even the countryside. Orders are easily delivered by sdek or mail.  

Simple and primitive business, ideal for beginners.  

Lots of offshoot options: chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate roses, dried fruit chocolate, almond milk chocolate, etc. 

Wide target audience. Chocolate is needed by everyone and always, it is a universal gift that will suit 
any occasion.  

Any business can be copied, a matter of time. It is rational to acquire developments, highly specialized information and consultations than to spend money and time on your own path, especially since it immediately pays off in 1 month. Any business consists of little things that are not visible to the layman, not knowing these nuances will generate errors and losses.