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Business idea A fully backed travel agency with a strong and well-known brand

business in tourism

Business idea A fully backed travel agency with a strong and well-known brand

Tourism is one of the most dynamic and rapidly recovering sectors of the economy. The government's cashback travel program is effectively stimulating the demand for tours between the United States of America.

Most Americans prefer domestic tourism (except for those who refused to stay in hotels and went on vacation with tents). 18,601,921 people went on a tourist trip abroad in 2021, and Turkey, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Cyprus became the most popular destinations for our citizens.

Working in tourism is not only a fun creative act, but also an opportunity to travel further: travel agents are waiting for advertising tours in Russia and different countries of the world, to communicate with like-minded people, exchange experiences.

Setting up your own travel agency does not seem very difficult and without support. However, if there is an opportunity to save time and money, avoid pitfalls and develop faster with an experienced assistant, then this should be done.

What is important when opening a travel agency:

1. The brand you open your business under. Unfamiliar signs do not attract attention and often do not inspire confidence. Opening up under a well-known brand provides you with several years of active marketing and promotion, as well as a large amount of money.

2. Availability of ready-made algorithms for opening and developing businesses.

  • The choice of building, taking into account traffic and location - it can be a separate room or an island in a shopping center.
  • Design layouts for the selected room.
  • An opportunity to save money.
  • Start a travel agency step by step.
  • Marketing support.
  • Personal account manager to solve all problems.

3. Tourism business training from scratch for you and your employees.

  • Tourism and Business Essentials.
  • Selling techniques in person, over the phone, and online.
  • Tour booking system, mutual settlements and workflow.
  • Promotion and Marketing.

4. IT infrastructure ready for daily work and solving any operational tasks. Travel Agency Tools:

  • Site.
  • Tour search units.
  • remote payment system
  • CRM-Turofis System.
  • Increase commissions from over 100 tour operators in one window and much more.

5. Business team communication: ○ Online and offline events in the travel agent network.

Financial indicators

Some agents, who only sell one round per day, can earn $6000 per month.

Already in the first year of operation, you will be able to return your own investment and make a profit of $40,000.