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Business idea of household chemicals

There is a steady and stable demand for auto cosmetics and household chemicals, as the market is huge. Every car enthusiast has in his arsenal, albeit a minimal, but set of car care products. The same can be said about housewives, although their sum of money, as a rule, is not minimal. :) To simplify, every home has dishwashing detergent, every box contains at least a bottle of bench/plastic cleaner.

Business idea of household chemicals

The essence of the idea is to independently produce such tools. Do-it-yourself production is not difficult. Compliance with the proportions and sequence of mixing components with water will be required. The mixing bowl is inexpensive and you can put it in the garage or in the country. The motor runs on 220 volts, and water can be poured into it in buckets or cans if there is no running water. Production is profitable, because you do not buy from an intermediary, but do it yourself. With this approach, there are no wholesaler tags on entry, just your markup on checkout. In this case, your cost price and margin constitute the added value of the product, so the selling price will always be competitive.

In fact, the whole point is technological superiority over traditional schemes for obtaining similar products in large factories. There is everything on the knurled, and no one is reinventing the wheel. I suggest using innovative ingredients with recipes, which allows you to get in some cases (depending on the product) less expensive than a large enterprise.

There are no difficulties with the sale of such products now, since many federal Internet sites that provide implementation services have been developed. It is enough to put the product on ozone or cranberries, after which it will start selling on its own. The site will ensure that your offer is published in all search engines, you do not need to promote an online store, it is already the most promoted of all. The site will also take care of orders. Your goods will be carefully collected, packed and delivered to the customer, money will be accepted from him, and a check will be delivered to the customer. And the customer can be located anywhere in Russia, logistics is the concern of the site. After the merchandise is sold, the site will transfer the proceeds minus a percentage. With this implementation scheme, there is no need even for a cash register, since you will not have to work with cash.

important point! The quality of the goods must be high. If you pour colored water into a jar, many users of the site will certainly write about it in the reviews, and they will fill it almost immediately.

Of course, you can order paid reviews and try to "finish" the reputation of the product, but this is ineffective and expensive. Those wishing to leave a comment must refund the product, pick it up at the point of issue or from the shipping company, and only after that the system will allow you to leave a review. In other words, online platforms are now the most honest and democratic way of promoting. The competition is on the price/quality ratio, and it doesn't matter what ad budget anyone has. Does it exist? If the quality is poor, it is impossible to win. And if the quality is at a good level, and even the price is lower than analogues, then nothing can prevent the promotion of such a product. My recipes and ingredients (self-development, as a result of many years of work) provide both low cost and a level of price / quality ratio that is practically inaccessible to competitors.

What is required of the machine:

1. Mixing reactor. It is a container with an agitator. There are huge industries, there are compact ones, for 200 liters. We just need one like this. Small reactors are often an ordinary plastic barrel with a masonry mixer attached to it on clamps. But there is also industrial production and specialized reactors with a power structure and a tank made of polypropylene. Often with additional options in the form of an engine speed controller, cooling / heating, etc. It is best to use a reactor made of polypropylene, designed specifically for mixing and heating. Polypropylene maintains temperatures up to 120 ° C, does not wear out and is chemically inert. In the tank of such a reactor, products ready for filling can be stored. And you can boil water, as in a samovar. joke. :)

2. Volumetric piston dispenser for packing finished products. These are self-priming dispensers, there is a cellar. A self-priming mini desktop is the perfect fit for us. Its hose can be connected directly to the reactor drain drain without the hassle of pouring product into the hopper. It can be taken in containers directly from the reactor. These dispensers are adjusted (by adjusting the temperature of the piston) for portions from 200 to 1000 ml. Productivity from 200 to 500 servings per hour. Dose liquids of almost any viscosity, very precisely.

3. The name. For our purposes, a desktop manual labeler is well suited, since the container is easier and cheaper to use in a cylindrical shape. This container does not need a counter label, you can get it with a round one, which is cheaper and more practical.

4. Commercial floor scales. The declared error of these weights is usually about 50 grams, and the maximum weight capable of being weighed is 150 kg. We have such precision and portability for the eyes.

In addition, you will need 3 plastic buckets, 3 plastic buckets, gloves, an apron, and maybe something else on the small things. All equipment is compact, it can be easily placed in an ordinary garage, and there is still room for raw materials and finished products.

Approximate cost of permits.

We will not produce misleading information. Money or the like, so we don't have to go through a long and expensive procedure to get state certification. Register. For our purposes, it is sufficient to obtain TR CU (EAC) acknowledgments. All products are combined into groups, so that one ad is obtained for 3-7 items. In total, there are about 20 types of products in the collection of recipes. 

These are floor cleaners, degreasers and scrapers, glass and plumbing cleaners, carpet and upholstery cleaners, polished wood furniture care products, and stain removers. Car interior dry cleaning, deodorants, leather seat care products, car interior polishing, and car shampoo. 

Shower gel, shampoo for dyed hair, shampoo for all types of hair, micellar shampoo, several types of micellar water, liquid hand soap, personal hygiene products, and a number of others. The number of advertisements you need to make depends on the number of types of products you plan to produce.

Approximate cost of equipment.

Polypropylene reactor 200 liters: 8-9 thousand. dollar

Filling the piston: 8-9 thousand dollars.

Desktop manual sticker: 2-3 thousand dollars.

Commercial floor scales: $250

Total: $21,000 and that's a margin.

Estimated unit cost of production.

PET jar: 5/piece, depending on the size, shape, density and batch size.

Cap: 3 $ / piece, depending on cap type and batch size.

Label: 2-5 $ / pc, depending on the color, quality of the film and varnish, the size of the lot.

Content: 2-5 $ / piece, depending on the type of product (components used).

Practice shows that in large locations such as ozone or cranberry, the speed of consumer goods purchase (what one takes for one purchase with other purchases) is about 20 pieces per day from one item. This is true for little-known and little-known brands, whose products are cheaper on the shelf than competitors, and the quality is no worse.

A little math: Suppose you have 10 items displayed on the site. Some buy faster, others slower, but on average you have 20 pieces per day per position. One piece you have, say, 20 dollars. Then she sells 20 * 10 * 20 = $4,000 per day and sells $12,000 per month. If you are standing on two positions, this number should be multiplied by 2. You can stay in more positions. You just need to provide the sites with the right amount of goods, and they sell from their warehouse, without your intervention.

The margin of such work is at least 60%, and depends on the performance. The higher the productivity, the higher the margin. The payback period is three to four months, depending on how quickly you complete the documents and register on the trading floors. To register on the sites, you will need an LLC or IP.