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Online Mystery Shopper.

Online Mystery Shopper.

Mystery shopper (from English mystery shopper, mystery shopper, linkonet, also fictional shopper) is a research method used as part of marketing research aimed at evaluating the consumer experience that a customer receives in the process of purchasing a product or service, and in order to solve regulatory tasks, such as measuring the level of compliance To customer service standards by the organization's employees.

To collect information, specially trained people (mystery shoppers) are used, who conduct checks under the guise of potential / real customers and tell in detail about the results of the checks.

This type of service is actually quite common, but it is much less common on the Internet.

Just online and we'll work.

It is better to look for clients who are not in large companies, small companies and self-employed clients will do.

What would these people need to order?

How employees respond to requests from potential customers, how they know and how they can present their services or products, how efficient and friendly they are.

Is everything in the sentence on the site clear?

Succeeded in composing the text and design?

How quickly do you respond to inquiries and calls?

Examples of studies (case studies) can be found online for free.

It is advisable to find a few assistants to work in your spare time.

Then we look for customers (several calls or appeals, through the feedback form) - we do it for free to show the quality of services.

Then we set the price and accept the payment.

How much does this service cost?

from $0.50. To study a single contact.

That is, for a few thousand rubles, about 20 contacts, the weaknesses of the company's employees become apparent in many respects.

For the customer, just pennies, you have a stable and not difficult income.

All studies are beautifully designed and, if necessary, we attach records of conversations with company representatives.

Initially, you can use your smartphone to make calls (you have several SIM cards with different numbers).

Or buy VoIP telephony services with a large amount of work - it is cheaper and more convenient.

Where do you look for clients?

On the same Internet, data from Yandex Maps or Dual GIS will work.

Create a beautiful thematic newsletter for email companies or through feedback forms.

As a rule, such studies are sold in a "package": it includes 20-50-100 contacts of a different period of time.

For you, this is making money on the computer at a convenient time, for the customer, and releasing a headache about the company's salespeople.

How much can you earn?

Let the minimum package cost you $200.

When serving 10-20 companies = 2000 - 3000 dollars. monthly.

In fact, there will be more.

you need:

1. High-quality commercial offer of companies (where it will be specified in detail what specific benefits the company will receive, how the research will be conducted, examples of work done, deadlines)

2. Make sure you have a reasonable price for your search (start with the lowest number of offers to gain experience and find more clients. Keep the demo search free)

3. The potential customer base to whom you will send advertising emails

4. Cases prepared for research (can be found for free on the Internet or ordered on an independent basis)

5. People are free (if there is a large demand). It is also easy to find on the Internet.

Most importantly, this type of profit does not require upfront costs, except for time.

Get it and do it!!