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Business idea: Online store selling multi-brand sneakers and clothes

Business idea: Online store selling multi-brand sneakers and clothes

To open a shoe or clothing store, many people mistakenly believe that it is necessary to rent a retail space, hire employees and purchase 200 units of goods. 

Oh yes, another site and advertising on it! But having calculated the costs of all this, they either begin to take loans or, at best, leave this idea. 

But in the 21st, we can create a website ourselves and actively use social networks to develop the store. Believe me, this is more than enough at the start. 

Business idea: Online store selling multi-brand sneakers and clothes

Instagram is actively developing tools for business and customers here 
are cheaper and advertising costs are much lower. Think about it!

Sales and Marketing

Business idea: Online store selling multi-brand sneakers and clothes

Targeted advertising is especially effective, if it is properly configured (you can easily get a ban here) and also work with bloggers. 

Try to make the content more beautiful and unique, this also directly affects the increase in the number of your audience.

Do not mess with "black" or "gray" promotion methods, such as mass following, bots, spam. Firstly, it doesn't work, and secondly, the first reason should already be enough.

When they tell you from the screens of YouTube channels about business that you can start your own business with little or no investment, this is actually true in some cases and in some niches.

Start-up capital

To start your own shoe and clothing store, large investments are not required; you can start it without buying a batch of goods and without renting a room. 

I can state with all responsibility that 30-40 thousand dollar is enough to start, the more stubborn will find a way and at lower cost, and the especially enterprising will find ready-made business models.

As I said before, to start, it is not necessary to immediately open a large store or create a website with a catalog of 1000 products. There are other tools as well. 

It is not necessary to purchase lots of goods, there are a lot of opportunities now to cooperate with suppliers in small wholesale or dropshipping, moreover, this way you will avoid the risk of missing the assortment and will work from a specific customer order.

But, if there is still a slightly larger amount of investment, it’s a sin not to use it. Just be careful and reasonable, first calculate thoroughly the entire economy. Do not rush to spend a lot at the start, when you have not managed to earn anything yet.

It is equally important to calculate the so-called economics of your business. 

Before you start acting, make the necessary calculations, draw up a financial model. How many expenses will you have, fixed and variable, how many sales are needed to recoup the first investment, cost, selling price, investments in advertising, and so on. And the margin! What is the margin? 

You can recoup investments of 500 $ by selling 3-7 pairs of shoes, investments of 1500 $ - 8-16 pairs of shoes, and 3000 $ by selling 16-33 pairs of shoes. 
In general, the arithmetic is very simple. You have to earn from the first client! Moreover, in this niche it cannot be otherwise.