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Business idea plastic bottle collecting machines

In Western countries, separate collection of waste has been practiced for a long time. Machines that collect plastic containers and aluminum cans and give small cash rewards for it have been on the streets of Europe for more than a decade. In our country, this trend is just beginning to gain momentum. The competition is still minimal, so you can build a profitable business on machines that accept plastic bottles.

Business idea plastic bottle collecting machines

It must be said that container receivers are called vending machines. They simply work. "Smart" technology quickly calculates the weight and dimensions of the bottles. Also in the design is a special barcode scanner that can identify up to 30,000 types of containers.

High quality vending machines for collecting waste PET and aluminum cans are manufactured in Germany. It is estimated at 4-7 thousand euros. 

It is still difficult to determine the profitability of the project, but you can take into account ideal conditions and determine the approximate profitability.

So, one fandom can hold up to 400 metal jars per day (of course, aluminum is the most profitable product). If you install a whole network of vending machines, as in New York, then it is realistic to collect up to 600,000 jars per day, their total weight will be at least 18 tons. Thus, under ideal conditions, you can earn up to $1000 per day! About $200 of it will be paid to people who put the jars into the vending machines. The rest is the cost of doing business and net income.

The situation with plastic packaging is almost the same - today PET bottles produce a lot of useful products, so factories specializing in plastic processing are happy to purchase them. The problem lies only in the inconvenience of our compatriots - only a few are willing to sort out the garbage, even if this process is pushed. In any case, the project of installing a network of vending machines in a large city has great prospects in the coming decades. Today, there are practically no competitors for novice entrepreneurs, so it's time to think about developing a non-standard and profitable type of business!