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Business Idea Plastic Waste Recycling Device

What can be made from simple plastic bottles that litter city streets and landfills? Lots of useful things: flower pots, chandeliers and even a spinning top.

Business Idea Plastic Waste Recycling Device

Inventor and DIYer Dave Hackens designed and built a portable plant to grind and turn plastic into useful things. At the same time, he shares his ideas and design with everyone by publishing detailed videos.

The entire plastic processing line consists of several devices: an extruder, a shredder, a press compressor and an injector.

What's next?

It's simple: fantasize, invent and try to create different products, which can then be sold in various ways - through an online store, a group on social networks, and maybe stores like "1000 little things".

You can also organize workshops for children that will demonstrate the nature of things, the laws of physics and teach them to throw garbage into special baskets.

In addition, you can create a kind of co-working for jacks of all trades and rent out all the devices that you have. DIY gifts are also becoming popular, which means you can attract those customers who want to do something on their own and charge them for a master class.

Where to find raw materials?

Recycling plastic waste is a good thing that the media will be happy to cover. But do not just talk about yourself, during the interview, invite people to sell you plastic. You will pay pennies for it, but you will have raw materials and possibly the first buyers of things made from recycled plastic.

This business is good because they have a social orientation, which means you can count on the support of the local Administration and receiving grants and subsidies.