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Business idea Production of disposable syringes

Statistics show that 70% of disposable syringes in pharmacies in our country are produced abroad! And this is very strange, considering the demand for these products among our compatriots. 

Business idea: Production of disposable syringes

Disposable syringes will always be in demand and in large quantities. Therefore, novice entrepreneurs should consider building a business on their manufacture.

To organize the production of a full cycle (syringes with a needle), a lot of expensive equipment is required. If the start-up capital does not allow, then you can purchase an automated line for the manufacture of syringe bodies, and purchase needles for their assembly from third-party manufacturers abroad. So did many young companies. 

And when there was an active profit, they bought additional equipment for needles.

Syringes differ in volume, tip location (in the center or side), according to the type of needle attachment (slip-on, screw-in or non-removable needle). 

Immediately decide on the assortment that you plan to produce, and then proceed to the purchase of equipment and the improvement of the workshop.

The line for the manufacture of the base of the syringe and pistons consists of:

  • thermoplast machine;
  • Press forms;
  • cooling machine;
  • vacuum packer;
  • assembly machine;
  • the sterilizer.

It is also necessary to purchase raw materials - polypropylene, rubber or silicone, paint for printing markings.

The organization of production will require a very large area, which can comfortably accommodate all the equipment, storage and technical facilities. 

The staff consists of several employees at each site. So, for the preparatory stage, you need to hire 2 operators and 2 workers; at the casting stage - 2 masters; at the stage of applying the scale - 2 operators; packaging stage - 2 operators; sterilization - 2 operators; quality control stage — 1 specialist; warehouses - 5-10 workers.

 At the same time, if sales channels are established, it is realistic to recoup all investments in a year and a half of work.