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For residents of rural areas, breeding laying hens will be an excellent and very profitable business enterprise. After all, it is known that without chicken eggs it is difficult to imagine the diet of any citizen of our country. 

Business idea rearing laying hens

This product is used not only for cooking, but also for cosmetic purposes. Therefore, if you are a happy owner of a country house, then you can safely start opening your own small farm.

First you need to decide which breed of chicken will suit you best. The most famous types of laying hens in the USA are Rhode Island Red, Plymouth Rock, Australop. 

Future chicken farm owners need to know that it will not be possible to get chickens from existing poultry on their own - the young will have to be bought again each time. Despite this, the business of laying hens is very profitable, and the costs pay off with the benefit.

After determining the type of pet, you can begin to improve the places for the chicken coop. There is an option to equip the territory with cages, but you can simply fence off the site by installing everything you need on it: feeders, drinkers, nests for laying eggs.

In order for the chicken to “work” for you all year round, take care of the heat, light and ventilation of the chicken coop in the winter. Egg production directly depends on the health of the chicken's diet, so pets should always have fresh food rich in vitamins and clean water. And, of course, the chicken coop must be clean.

Calculating interest is easy. One chicken eats about 1/4 pound of feed each day. At the same time, with the same frequency, the laying hen brings an egg, the cost of which is at least 10 cents.

If you arrange the life of a bird correctly, you can save a lot of heating and electricity. There will always be distribution channels. Home eggs are an environmentally friendly product, so they are in great demand among the population.