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Villagers are a huge target audience for businessmen. But, unfortunately, the benefits of civilization are not always available to the villagers, as are the services of online stores (delivery to the destination is too expensive). 

Business idea Rural online store

But this is a great reason for aspiring entrepreneurs to think about developing their own business. By organizing a unique rural online store, you can make a considerable profit.

Implementing the project is pretty easy. This idea is great for rural areas with a fairly high population density. To begin with, you can cover several nearby settlements. At each of the selected points, a PC with Internet access should be installed. 

The room can be absolutely anything, even a rural library or a food stall. The point is to provide the widest possible range of services.

It works as follows: the villagers, if necessary, come to you and order this or that product. For example, they were prescribed some medicine, but the pharmacy does not have it. Or there is no pharmacy itself. 

Your seller, in turn, quickly looks at the possibility of buying this medicine, announces the cost and delivery time. Of course, products must be taken at wholesale prices, and sold at a premium. By the same principle, you can trade anything you want: animal feed, household appliances, etc.

The main thing in this business is clear logistics. If you manage to quickly establish delivery channels, then the business is simply doomed to success!