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Business Idea Slot Machine Rental

I spied on this kind of business from my friend at the garage co-op.

Business Idea Slot Machine Rental

My friend has a Gazelle minivan and he rents slot machines.

It contains slot machines: aerial football, tennis, basketball - in almost every entertainment complex there is such a set, there are old slot machines, such as a naval battle, and entertainment machines - from karaoke, to measuring the power of impact, children, gambling - roulette, Poker (before stopping the ban in each paragraph).

Only about 30 pieces.

He rents them out day in and day out for corporate parties and birthdays.

He does the delivery himself.

Usually 3-5 sets are ordered at one time.

The busiest days are weekends and holidays.

There are regular customers.

He started with three old devices, which he bought in semi-working condition and risked himself.

Then he started buying other used appliances.

Now he has a stable business with an income of $5,000. monthly.

So anyone can start small or donate to many stockholders = orders, which means there will be a profit!