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Business Idea - Navigation Board Rental

I bring to your attention a popular trend in the USA and abroad - sapboard rental!

Business Idea Subboard Rental

Skateboarding is an active summer form of recreation, which involves walking on water on a hard, inflatable board while standing or sitting with a paddle. There are no health contraindications to riding SUP, no age restrictions, you can ride from 3 to 80 years old!

A necessary condition for starting a rental is the presence of shoes.

On average, a high-quality SUP board costs $1500. The hourly rental cost ranges from $50 to $100, depending on the area.

Council pays for itself in two days!

(100 * 12 hours worked = 1200 * 2 = $2,400 followed by net profit)

Profit from 1 board for 30 days with 12 working hours - $61,000.

Rental points - beaches, hotels, swimming pools, fitness rooms.

Storage space is not required. Soapboard inflates and deflates within 10 minutes, the whole set is stored in a bag, you can store it in the balcony/garage, etc.

The board includes:

  • the board itself
  • paddle (aluminum/carbon)
  • safety steering
  • fin
  • carry bag
  • repair kit
  • pump

  • Additional equipment: jackets, diving suits for cold times.

The market is relatively new, the demand will be active from April to October, and there is a possibility to sail in winter.

To develop your rental point, use social networks: vk, facebook, target on Instagram.

A popular new trend is succulent yoga. Perfect for fitness centers and health centers.

There is also an opportunity to develop your customers over time and sell vintage designs.

The initial capital for the purchase of 3 paintings is $1,500.

S - speed! Sup (SUP) is becoming more and more popular by the day, exploding into the lives of ordinary people at the speed of sound! And you know, there will be more!

Information for consideration from Yandex Wordstat:

Only 4 stages of starting:

Business Idea Subboard Rental


We buy a minimum number of sapboards, and the package usually comes right away in a set. You will need to purchase additional life jackets, as this is a strict GIMS requirement.

It is important to know where you can buy profitably and at the same time so that the quality is not affected.

Decide on the rental point

If it is a beach, we agree with the beach management, the price varies from one area to another, or there is an option for wild beaches.


We create and develop a page on Instagram, VK, you can create your own website (for free and independently).

Keep the info, shoot the walks. Advertising platforms Avito / Tiu / Yula, etc., are also actively working.

We study the basics and technology

It all comes with practice and experience, but you need to be able to level up the SUP board on your own, grab the paddle, and understand the basics.

There are many videos in the public domain.

Why you should start this business:

  • To get started, you only need $2000
  • instant refund
  • new trend
  • Competition, even if it exists, is minimal, because the trend is only developing, and demand outstrips supply
  • Easiest home/garage storage
  • After the season is over, it's easy to sell out the SUP board
  • Learning and understanding in just one day
  • Profit and immediate return (arguments above)
  • Simple and perfect for beginners
  • wide target audience

Sports are always relevant and popular, and if a new niche appears, it is always a promise to try to occupy it.

Supboard rental point is simple, with minimal investment, but at the same time interesting, exciting, and most importantly, it pays off.