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It's easy to review the video to spread the money.

video review

To make money, all you need is a smartphone!

To do this, you need to register a selfie with ad text from the client on your smartphone and earn money!

It is enough to have a neat appearance and clearly pronounce the ad text.

Proper improvisation would be an added advantage!

Why is this service so necessary?

Text comments have no effect on the customer as video evidence from a live person.

The video causes more trust and interest in a potential customer, and strongly encourages you to buy a product or service!

Real customers are in no hurry to leave a positive review, even if they like the product - innate distrust interferes, fuss.

Worthwhile offers and services disappear while customers hesitate to post a text review, let alone a video!

Even the markets, no matter how hard they try to attract interested buyers by leaving comments, with various bonus programs - this does not always work out!

The demand for this service is huge!

Initially, try to make such an offer on objective resources as the remote work exchange.

Then you can search for orders directly.

The average review cost is from $50 to $300.

10 registered reviews received an average of $2,000.

Then you can take on the role of mediator - give tasks to other people, taking a percentage for yourself. After recruiting a team of 20-30 people willing to leave video and photo reviews, you can earn $20,000. Per month!

Niches that constantly require such reviews: courses, financial instruments, deposits, banks.

We are looking for orders on Avito and Julia.

Or direct appeal to ads with similar offers.

It is desirable that this is not an individual review proposal, but a specific group where you can guarantee 10-20-100 video reviews of guaranteed quality.

Note: I highly recommend not to contact suspicious customers and suspicious products!!!

Your task is to arouse interest among potential customers, and not to engage in deception!