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Business ideas for students and beginners with minimal investment

Business ideas for students and beginners with minimal investment

Many people think about what kind of business to open for a student. Often, from the moment of studying at the university, future entrepreneurs want to earn income, while owning minimal funds. Consider what options are available to those who are still receiving a diploma, but are already ready to work for their own earnings.

What kind of business can a student do

When looking for options for what kind of business a student can open, one must take into account the conditions in which the novice entrepreneur is located. Students are eligible for classes with some restrictions:

No significant investment. The reason that often stops young people. As a rule, they have a minimum start-up capital, otherwise they have no funds at all. Therefore, you need to consider only those activities that will not force a novice entrepreneur to wallow in debt.

Availability of free time. It must be remembered that students are still learning, which also takes time. You can not take on a job that involves full-time employment.

Business purpose. If students opened a business not for temporary earnings, but for the future, in order to develop it in the future, they should take up a serious occupation. Otherwise, it is easier to find a temporary part-time job.

Availability of knowledge and experience. Beginners are not recommended to start with an area that they are not familiar with. It is necessary to choose an occupation in which there is at least some knowledge, ideally - and experience.

Business ideas for students do not need to be taken at random. Think about what you are good at and also what potential clients might find useful.

Business ideas for students

Business online or offline

Before starting a business, a student needs to decide on its format: offline or online. Modern technologies allow them to be combined. Consider the pros and cons of each format. Online projects have several advantages over regular businesses:

  • flexible working hours, while most traditional establishments are open only at certain hours;
  • the Internet allows you to reach a wider audience, the resource is easier to find, it is enough to promote it only online;
  • traditional business requires a large start-up investment, and Internet startups are less expensive, they are not tied to a place, rent, utilities, etc.;
  • it is difficult to cause physical harm to an online business - only hacker attacks are dangerous, and an offline business requires additional costs for the protection of products and inventory.

When figuring out which business to open for a student, remember that online activities have their drawbacks. For example, not every business can be run via the Internet. You can always advertise online, but only some activities allow you to fully organize your work remotely.

Business online or offline

In addition, many people are concerned about the fact that the product cannot be seen with their own eyes, felt. Because of this, they have no confidence that your business really exists. Potential customers are afraid of being deceived, for fear of receiving a low-quality product or even losing money.

Online entrepreneurs will have to take special measures to win the trust of customers:

  • display the registration data of the company on the website;
  • provide full contact information and physical address;
  • publish customer reviews, maintain a page on the social network, where it is easy to give feedback.

This will allow visitors to make sure that your service is reliable and can be trusted.

TOP business ideas for students

TOP business ideas for students

We present popular business ideas for students with minimal investment:

  • Creation, promotion of sites. If you know a programming language, this option will be an ideal solution. You can open a business with virtually no funds, but it is difficult to stay afloat because of the great competition. Think carefully about what you can offer customers, why it is beneficial for them to contact you.
  • Computer repair, software setup. For people who are versed in technology, there is another way to earn money with minimal investment - to repair computers, install software. You will have to buy a small set of tools and diagnostic programs.
  • Tutoring, translation. If you have knowledge of foreign languages ​​or other disciplines, you can offer the services of a tutor, write essays, diplomas, and tests. Another suitable business idea for students is to earn money as a copywriter, editor, translator. You can go further by organizing your own agency. It is convenient to search for performers among your own classmates.
  • Maintain popular pages. Young people are well versed in the principles of social networks, and this can be used. Provide services to popular bloggers by maintaining their social media pages. To do this, you can hire several students, independently looking for clients.
  • Courier service. Today's trend is such that many people prefer to purchase goods with home delivery. If you have your own transport - a car, bicycle or moped, you can arrange a delivery service. At the initial stage, you will have to fulfill orders yourself, but then you can hire several couriers.

TOP business ideas for students are not limited to these proposals. There are many other niches that are suitable for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Beauty services

If you are interested in fashion trends, you can do haircuts, hairstyles, manicures, eyelash extensions, makeup. You can provide other cosmetic services and even work as a shopper (a person who helps create a wardrobe). True, in order to engage in such activities, you will first have to complete courses in hairdressing.

Alternatively, take a course with a brand. Large manufacturers of cosmetics and care products conduct trainings and seminars showing how to work with products.


A ready-made business idea for students is custom-made cleaning of premises. You can do without special knowledge and skills. All you need is hard work and the desire to make money. It is better to start small: cleaning apartments, small cafes.

Over time, you can hire assistants, buy equipment for cleaning and disinfecting large institutions, office centers.

Creative Services

Creative people can open their own theater, hold exhibitions, parties, quests, and various holidays. Organize classmates by inviting them to work together as animators, conduct training, master classes.

In this direction, you can work with both children and adults. To understand what events are in demand for the holidays, study Yandex.Wordstat queries. This service is free, just register.

street food

Do you know how to cook deliciously or know an interesting recipe? A good business idea for students is to sell their culinary masterpieces right on the street from some kind of tent or van. Another option is to specialize in drinks that will warm you up during the cold season and refresh you during the heat.

But keep in mind that in order to engage in such activities, you need permission from the SES.

Making products with your own hands

It can be tailoring to order, making toys, home cosmetics, and other handicrafts. For business development, you can connect your friends and classmates. They will help you create a website, set up an advertising campaign.


One of the options for opening a business for a student from scratch is design development. This will require special programs and skills to work with them. Over time, the project can grow into a design firm.

Grooming salon

If you love pets, you can easily find a common language with them, take care of grooming cats and dogs. All that needs to be done is to develop a base of regular customers.

Business ideas for students are varied. The main thing is to find what the soul lies to!