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Family Sushi and Pizza Restaurant with Delivery

The family sushi and pizzeria in the middle of the sleeping area is the trend in the market today. The consumption of prepared foods is increasing in the long run. 

Especially in terms of inexpensive restaurants located near the house. Going to a restaurant is not a financial burden on the family, it saves time in cooking, adds variety to the diet, makes it possible to communicate with each other outside of everyday life.

Family Sushi and Pizza Restaurant with Delivery

The presence of children's tools (game complex, creativity zone, children's chairs) expands the audience to those with preschoolers and children. After all, it is very convenient for your child to spend time with interest and allow parents to enjoy the taste of dishes.

We add the delivery functionality to the business. This allows you to double the profit, as it includes household and holiday consumption.

Today pizza is present at almost every holiday for children or young people, and the hostesses are happy to supplement their tables with sets of sushi and rolls.

The average check is easily expanded by adding drinks, salads, and snacks to the menu.

Today's pizza and sushi is not just lazy? This once again proves that there is interest in the trend, and the demand for it is high. Surely, it so happened that you waited for the delivery for more than an hour. This means that demand is higher than supply. The kitchen is busy and doesn't have time to ship orders. The niche is not yet fully filled with players. In each small area, 3-4 pizzerias can coexist and all be profitable.

Opening in the heart of a high-rise building, you immediately get a competitive advantage - you can deliver your order faster than others. And if you do it with consistent quality, the customer will be yours.

You will receive the first orders from the first day of opening.

People will be interested in trying out the kitchen of the new establishment. Here you need to give everything 100%. The quality of the first courses is the key to customer loyalty. Clear technical conditions for preparation, compliance with the recipe by weight, trained and pre-trained crew - and you can repeat the same dish at any time with the same speed and quality.

Is there any doubt that you can get into this field without experience? A clear business model and clear profit scheme make business accessible even to beginners. The main thing is that you have quality starting recipes and ingredients. This is usually included in the franchise package if you purchased an off-the-shelf solution.

After that, you buy the products from the list.

The techniques for preparing pizza and sushi are simple, this can be taught, and the problem was solved with the staff. The cost of the dish consists of the following figures: 25% is the cost, 10% is other costs associated with manufacturing, 40% - taxes, rent, salary, and 25% is up to you personally.

If we load production to meet 4 orders per hour, we get 44 orders per day or 1,333 orders per month. With an average check of 1500 riyals. Revenue will be $32,000, $8,200. More than worthy earnings for a novice entrepreneur. If there are two orders per hour, then the income corresponds to the amount of 5 thousand.

Where do you get the first orders?

The business model includes marketing costs. It includes outreach and supportive publicity. Basically, these are social networks, Yandex ads and publications. Advertising campaigns can be ordered from agencies or freelancers. For first orders - give people first-class gifts of a certain amount. Getting something for free always seems more attractive than buying something at a discount.

Do something fun for the kids - give a lollipop or a ball, and their moms - a compliment from the chef as a gift. Pleasant emotions will lead to the desire to make a repeat purchase and tell your friends about a new interesting place.

Let's calculate the return on investment.

A good hall and high-quality cuisine require investments at the initial stage. Let's take a look at the benefits of investing. The equipment will not fail and will not require repairs for a long time. With high-quality ventilation, the smell of non-food items will not enter the hall. Upholstered furniture, thick wooden tables will add luster to the facility. Guests will want to spend time here, celebrate an event, not just pick up the order and check out.

A good hall with a kitchen of 80-120 square meters will cost 85 thousand dollars. If the room you take is not concrete, but with a rough finish, then the amount may be less. This amount, in addition to the repair and purchase of furniture and equipment, includes a video surveillance system that allows you to control everything that happens in the kitchen and in the hall, even when you are not in the restaurant.

The investment also includes tablets for receiving and transmitting orders .

Today, modern establishments no longer write the order on leaflets. Thus, it is not lost and immediately goes to the kitchen for execution. You can see how long it took to cook and you can control the staff. You can also see the speed of delivery and can control the work of couriers.

Video panels in the hall with an electronic queue system (orders in the status of "preparing" and "ready") give your restaurant a modern look and create additional comfort for visitors. If you are focused on a solvent audience and a high average check, then the restaurant environment should meet the expectations of guests.

Full capacity is reached within 6-12 months .

Thus, full payback occurs in about 1.5 years. You get your money back in full and you can think about opening your next restaurant. Over time, you can become a network owner, with a personal income limited only by your ambitions.

These are real numbers for a mass restaurant with seating. A lower budget is savings either on decoration, or on ventilation, or other important points that will not allow the establishment to compete with others in terms of comfort and taste of dishes. The choice is yours, but it is easier to attract a solvent audience in a spacious, airy hall, for delicious food that is quickly prepared and served unmistakably. It is better to do well right away, to find a little more money, but they will work for you for several years, and perhaps still remain for your children.

If you do not have enough experience in business, then choosing to develop your business through a franchise is the right decision. This will save you from the mistakes that beginner entrepreneurs make. Gives you access to time-tested expertise. You will have someone to ask and get advice. You get detailed instructions that are enough to follow to get the predicted result.

Implementation conditions: 

Premises 80-120 sq.m.

Staff: 4 cooks, 2 administrators, 2 couriers, cleaner.

Equipment, raw materials:

  • Increasing electricity capacity
  • Renovation of the hall and kitchen
  • Ventilation and air conditioning
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Upholstered furniture, tables and chairs
  • Video monitors, tablets
  • Children's area

Average profitability and payback periods:

Profitability 21%.

Despite the significant amount of investment, the payback period is 18-24 months. Those. after 2 years, you can start opening the next restaurant.