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How to choose a domain name for a website, blog

Today I will tell you what a domain is for a website, a blog, how to choose a good one for your website, and where there are the lowest prices for domains in the usa part of the Internet.

How to choose a domain name for a website, blog

What is the domain of the site?

A domain is the name of a website, its unique code that can be compared to a person's fingerprint. Not a single domain name out of a billion has been registered twice.

This was the first problem I encountered when choosing. You can register the domain directly with the domain name registrar. To date, the most popular is the godaddy company, which has more than 2 million domain names on its balance sheet.

There is nothing complicated, after registering on the official website, many functions are available to you, including domain registration.

Where to buy a domain for a website

Since I chose hosting from Beget (by the way, the best hosting is in Runet), I had the opportunity after registration to register a domain with them directly and in my name.

It later turned out that "Beget" is a standalone domain name registrar that offers some of the lowest prices on the market.

For example:

Registering a .com domain with Beget costs only $8 per year.

At godaddy, it costs about 12$/year to register a domain in a .com zone (now it's cheaper, but still more expensive than Beget).

You can register a domain in Beget using the link -

How to get a free domain

When paying for hosting for a year, Beget gives from 1 to 5 domains for registration, depending on the tariff plan. There are also so-called free third-level domains (for example,, but we do not recommend creating a site on these domains. It is better to buy a second level domain. Its price is on Biget.

What are the domain areas?

Domains are divided into zones - that's what comes after the point. There are a large number of genres, but the most famous are the net and com areas. By the way, for business it is better to use com.

There are requirements that apply when registering a domain name. Length must be less than 63 characters, when writing the name, only Latin characters must be used, except for regions .rf, .usa, .site, etc., where Cyrillic characters are allowed. The use of a hyphen at the beginning and at the end of a name is prohibited.

How to choose a field

Try to come up with a name that is more or less related to your site description and content. Ideally, this is when the visitor, before going to your site, already has an idea of ​​what he was talking about. If you choose any business or specialized field, try to reflect it in the name.

Many famous companies reflect the name of their companies in the name, of course, if it is not very long. You can come up with a small short name, thereby emphasizing the uniqueness of your site.

Recently, the use of names and surnames as a domain has become very popular, and this option is more suitable for a personal blog. If you are advertising any services at the same time, you can reverse it with a dash.

The domain name should be easy to remember and, if possible, should not contain combinations of characters that are not only impossible to remember, but even read (sh, "zh").

Your site is visited by advanced and novice Internet users who may not know how to bookmark the site. Ideally, this is the time you said the site name out loud, and the person typed it in right away without mistakes. Try to make your name unique and not similar to competitors' websites.

Oftentimes, webmasters specifically record names that correspond to highly visited sites, hoping to get some traffic. Replace one or two letters, change the ending.

All people in the world are unique and not alike to each other, and your project should be the same.

Should I choose a domain with a hyphen

Recently, there has been controversy over the use of a hyphen when choosing a domain. Now many webmasters register names consisting of two or more words. By adding a keyword to the title, they are trying to immediately promote their site to the top. Search engines always consider keywords in the name, which are separated by a hyphen.

If you chose two big words for the name and separated them with a hyphen, then it will look much nicer.

There are also disadvantages when using the hyphen sign. Words separated by this spelling mark are worse perceived and remembered.

Whether to use a hyphen when choosing a domain name, everyone decides for himself, I will only say one thing, you are making a site for people , and only then for soulless search engines. Rely first of all on the opinion of users.

If you are firmly convinced and strive to do a serious and long-term business, then it would be nice to protect yourself from competitors. After choosing the ideal domain, try to register it in several of the most popular domain zones right away and do not limit yourself to com. If your name consists of two or more words that are separated by a hyphen, then register also the version without the hyphen.

What to do if the desired domain is busy

What to do if you really like a domain name that is already taken. There are two directions in solving this problem. You can try contacting the domain owner and try to talk to them about selling. Of course, do not expect to buy it at the registration price, feel free to multiply the amount by 10 or more.

In practice, the owners of bright and memorable domains sometimes set an exorbitant price, which turns out to be unaffordable. Then you can try to add some words to this domain, thereby making it unique.

The choice of a domain name is a very important and crucial moment in the creation and further development of a blog / site, and it must be approached very seriously.