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How to make money from webinars

Alex Ivanhoe is the most famous webinar on Runet. He was one of the first to master this method, one of the first to teach it to other people, and one of the first to become a millionaire information businessman. Below are some of his thoughts on how to make money from webinars and who can do it.

How to make money from webinars

Who is Alex Ivanhoe

Alex Ivanhoe , in the world Alexei Kurashenko, was born in Tomsk in the not very distant 1981. He trained as a PR specialist at the Tomsk Polytechnic University, worked as a brand manager, took part in elections, tried his hand at offline business and went online.

Now Alex is positioned as an expert in conducting webinars and making money in this niche. Author of the book "Webinars: How to Sell Anything Online" and the explosive online training "Webinar Tournament". Millionaire. He prefers to work anywhere, but not in the office, therefore he considers the whole world to be his office.

What is a webinar

So, what is a webinar on Alex Ivanhoe. "Basically it's an Internet radio and a blog where you connect with people and give them homework." A webinar is a compilation of a seminar and training taking place online.

For more successful work, the webinar should be clearly structured: theoretical part, practical part, answers to questions.

When the speaker speaks, the chat is turned off, otherwise, the speaker will be distracted, lose his thoughts, and this will take time.

Benefits of webinars

What are the advantages of webinars over other forms of education? "Webinars give you a lot of freedom, you can conduct them from any country where there is Internet."

Firstly, webinars can really be held from Kenya, even from Toronto.

The same is true for webinar participants who may live in many different countries.

Imagine what costs would be needed in order to bring all these people offline. In addition, you can conduct webinars for 10 people. Or maybe 500 or 1000.

Why are webinars gaining more and more popularity among infobusinessmen?

“If you have a computer, a microphone, the Internet and good knowledge in any subject, this is enough to make money on webinars.”

It is very easy to start with a webinar, it does not require such expenses as starting in a classic infobusiness.

In addition, this is not a faceless course on a disk, it is belonging to a group, and group learning, according to experts, is more effective than individual learning.

How to choose a webinar topic

“In fact, if you know more than others about a topic, not theory, but how to avoid mistakes, then you can sell it, people pay for it.”

The choice of theme is dictated by the market . If there is already someone in this niche, if something is for sale, it’s suitable. But, of course, there are top topics:

  • increase in sales;
  • internet marketing (customer acquisition);
  • personal effectiveness, self-discipline;
  • building a business ;
  • writing a book in … days;
  • creation of information products from scratch in … days;
  • personal finance for a narrow audience (for example, for lawyers);
  • change in lifestyle in ... days (from a monster to a beauty, etc.);
  • selling copywriting;
  • transformational trainings (internal beliefs, leaving the comfort zone).

How to make money from webinars

People pay for participation, for the result and for responsibility, if you provide them with all this, they will give you their money.

  1. The first way to earn money is by paying for participation in webinars.
  2. The second way is to package an already held webinar as an information product and launch it on sale.
  3. The third is an express coaching program, that is, one or more participants of your webinar are run through its program for a fee, but with more depth into the material and under the guidance of a coach.
As you can see, there are not so few ways to make money on webinars and topics for profitable webinars, but no one bothers you to come up with and implement your own .

Most importantly, be prepared to share your own skills and experience not only for money, and the universe will definitely answer you back. Good luck!