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How to make money on YouTube

 How to make money on YouTube a complete guide for beginners, the secrets of creating a successful channel + expert advice on how to make a good video

Today we will tell you in detail how to make money on YouTube on copyright videos. Below we provide a complete guide to creating and monetizing a channel and tips on how to make your content very popular.

How to make money on YouTube

From the article you will learn

  • How to create a channel on YouTube from a computer and arrange it correctly - a comprehensive instruction for beginners;
  • Ways to create a quality information product, how to promote your video blog for free ;
  • The best ways to make money on YouTube;

How much can you earn on youtube.

We also give examples of successful video bloggers and approximate information about their income.

How to make your own youtube channel for free

Creating a media channel on YouTube is a free procedure , both in Russia and in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries. The only condition is that you must have a google account. If you don't have Google mail, sign up here -

Then you can register on YouTube and create a channel. You are automatically logged into Youtube. And when you try to upload any video, the service will offer you to create your own video portal. An alternative is to use the link

By default, an account is created under your name. To turn it into a specific brand resource with your own name, select "create a channel" and enter the brand name. So you create a kind of account for your project, that is, the contact details of the founder are not displayed anywhere without his consent.

If a whole team is working on creating an information product, YouTube allows you to grant administrator or manager rights to other people for the convenience of working on a video blog. Log in, go to the "Account Settings" tab, then "Add or remove an administrator" and "Access settings".

Here you should enter the email of the future administrator and click "Invite". In this case, the administrator does not need to transfer the password from the account.

How to make a channel on YouTube

The presentable appearance of the video blog cannot be ignored . The competition in this area is so great that every detail becomes a competitive advantage. So, how to start making money on YouTube from scratch?


We begin to design the resource with the development of a beautiful header , which will be equally well viewed on any device (tablet, computer, TV, android). When uploading an image for the header, you will be able to preview the image for different types of devices.

The image should clearly reflect the theme of the video channel, contain a logo and, if possible, a slogan. Make sure that important parts of the cap are not "cut off".

Social network icons are displayed in the lower right corner. In the "Details" section, you must put active links to the pages and groups of the project in the social. networks.


The second point is the competent organization of content on the main page. It is recommended to publish top videos and new items here.

All content should be organized into thematic playlists (via the “Video Manager” option) to make it easier for visitors to navigate the resource. Otherwise, there is a risk that the visitor will get confused in the variety of content and leave without seeing anything.

For each playlist, choose a relevant title and write a detailed description using keywords related to your topic.


And this is not all the details worthy of your attention. There is no easy way to make money on YouTube by making videos. Users will not be able to find even a very interesting and high-quality video without help. It's about optimization.

After registration, carefully fill in the “Details” tab, write an SEO-optimized description of the project (but don’t over-spam), keeping within 1000 characters. Fill in the "Links" field, indicating the addresses of the site, blog, accounts in social networks.

It is also important to optimize each uploaded video.

How to post videos the right way

To make good money on videos on YouTube, you need to follow a few rules for their design when publishing:

It is best to post videos in MP4 format . If this is not possible, AVI and FLV formats are also suitable.

When uploading a video, do not forget to name it on the computer with one of the appropriate key phrases in Russian.

During the download, windows open to fill in the title, description, meta tags. In the title, enter one of the key phrases by which the video project is being promoted. It is worth choosing “keys” through the Yandex Wordstat service, which allows you to track the popularity of certain queries in different regions. The title of the video should be attractive, intriguing, possibly provocative , evoking specific associations and vivid emotions.

In the description (preview) of the video, write down the main key phrase , along with other queries on the topic, data about the video channel, contact information (link to the site, pages in social networks, etc.) The video blog and its content will be seen by a lot of users anyway. But for a novice blogger, it is important to make the page with the information product well indexed and advance by raising the video itself in the search results. 

Site addresses are active in the preview, so it is recommended to insert here the addresses of your pages on other resources or links to partners and advertisers. At the end of the preview, it is recommended to include an additional link to the video clip or blog.

Video work screensaver . A good option to attract attention is a bright and aesthetic splash screen (video icon). It is selected by default from the frames of the video, or you can load it yourself. 

A good frame or a separately prepared picture with the name of the project, slogan, symbols, etc. will suit the role of the splash screen. 

Avoid small details in such an image , otherwise the user will not want to peer and will pass by. The size of the text on the splash screen is from 80 pt. The picture should correspond to the content of the information product and make you want to watch the program. 

It is important that the video clip itself is fully consistent with the title and keyword, otherwise the audience will stop trusting you.

How to make your youtube channel famous

Interesting content and optimization are not enough to get a stable profit, so you need to engage in constant promotion.

There is no consensus on how many YouTube subscribers you need to earn, but even the most unpretentious media networks require 50 subscribers and 1000 views. And the profit increases in proportion to the popularity of the information product.

It is realistic to receive income comparable to the profit from a small business and above, with indicators from 10 thousand subscribers and 1000 visits per day.

Aspiring bloggers usually don't have the capital to pay for paid advertising, so they start with low-cost promotion strategies. Here are some real tips on how to promote a channel without money.


Banal calls to subscribe work better than it seems . This is a direct message in the final release from the presenter or a pop-up window with a corresponding offer. If the viewer liked the content, in the wake of a good mood, he is very likely to fulfill your request.

Up to five annotations (tips) can be added to one video product. We go to the "Video Manager" section, click "Edit" and select the "Hints" item in the horizontal menu. Here it is possible to select the time interval for the appearance of the annotation and prescribe its content.

With the help of hints, it is worth setting up relinking of videos on the portal. The pop-up annotation can redirect to another video with the words "See also ..."

Mutual advertising

Where to start if you want to make money on YouTube without investment? Exchange mutual recommendations and links with other authors. Of course, a well-known and promoted vlogger will not advertise you for free, but it is quite possible to make acquaintance with other young bloggers.

For example, a partner will talk about your project at the end of his show and leave a link to your portal. A devoted audience will certainly want to look at new content, your job is to interest them from the first seconds and turn them into your regular viewers.

You should not choose direct competitors as partners, it is better to look at video blogs that are similar in subject matter and audience, but differ in format.

Comments under other people's videos

Another way to make a YouTube channel visited is to monitor other people's resources and work. Do not be too lazy to study the news of the last week and leave non-banal reviews and comments to their authors. Both the vlogger and his audience may be interested in a witty commentator and visit your page.

Personal invitations to subscribe

Any person has the right to invite up to 40-50 people to subscribe to his media project. In order not to waste the limit, make a portrait of your viewer and look for suitable candidates or potential partners with whom you can also exchange advertising.

To understand who is willing to become your loyal fan, study the audience of your main competitors.

Viral videos

The surest way to make money on YouTube from your videos is to create viral content that users will distribute themselves.

Many successful vloggers have been promoted in this way : through crazy experiments, funny sketches, etc.

Such a product is capable of gaining several tens of thousands of viewers in a few hours. It is not easy to create such a video clip, it requires a non-standard approach and originality of thinking.

Next, we will analyze the main ways and platforms for free promotion of a video blog on YouTube.

Social networks and forums

A video project needs accounts and groups/communities in social networks. media and on thematic forums. They should be created in advance, constantly updated, announced the latest releases and shared videos in them. This will allow you to reach a new audience, significantly increase the number of views and subscribers.

On the forums, direct links can be seen as spam, so try to only include the release code in posts that are relevant to the topic you're targeting.

Video responses to other bloggers on your own channel
A fairly simple way to attract attention due to more promoted video bloggers. Choose a resonant video clip of a popular author and shoot your answer.

This may be a repetition of the demonstrated experiment, a continuation of the expressed thought, a review, disagreement with the author, etc. Such a move increases the volume of visits and the number of active visitors.

Translation of content into foreign languages

Many people are concerned about the question, is it possible to earn good money on YouTube from the first months of work? It is difficult to do this without tangible financial investments and viral content, but there is another way: additional promotion on foreign sites.

Abroad, video bloggers receive several times more for their work.

You can create a separate playlist for which you will translate your clips into a foreign language. Or you can simply add foreign subtitles to an existing product.

Important nuances for the promotion of a video blog

Is it possible to make money on YouTube by turning this income into passive? Yes, actually passive income comes from published videos, but the resource needs to be constantly developed and replenished, otherwise unsubscribes will begin, and the number of visits will drop sharply. In other words, video blogging is a real job.

Therefore, it is important to keep the portal updated. First you need to upload at least 3-4 videos, and then draw up a detailed plan for the release of subsequent releases. It is desirable to have the captured works in stock, since it is almost impossible to quickly produce a new product by the appointed date.

How often should videos be released?

The minimum posting frequency is once a week . It is advisable to dilute the tape with additional videos. For example, in the program "+100500" full-fledged episodes appear every week, but every day the author shoots short "daily" videos.

Frequent updates motivate users to visit you more often, like, comment, share the program with others and be active in every possible way.

Even the YouTube video hosting itself responds positively to the frequency of publications. Updates on the video channel signal that it is “alive”, popular and worthy of the top results in the list of suggested pages.

How does it affect subscribers

In each release, report the frequency of the release of the releases. For example, specify that new episodes will be released every Wednesday. This teaches users to be systematic and makes them wait for a new product. And in the process of waiting, the audience can go to the resource, review or show someone old work, etc.

How to promote a video channel with cash investments

Video bloggers who initially invested in their promotion make good money on YouTube. In addition to following the basic rules above, paid services can accelerate the growth of popularity and attendance.

For example, the practice of buying ads in well-known video blogs is common. A recommendation in the story or a link in the description from such a blog in a matter of hours increases the popularity of the customer. The main thing is to keep the newly acquired viewers with quality content.

The main indicator of resource promotion is the number of video views. But the number of subscribers also plays an important role. With the help of subscribers, you can demonstrate that the blog is active and attracts visitors.

In addition, there is a certain psychological factor - people prefer to like and subscribe when they have done it a couple of dozen or hundreds of times before.

When a video clip has 5,000 views, a person subconsciously wants to watch it, believing that the content is really interesting, since it has been opened so many times.

Therefore, at the beginning of work, it is worth trying a high-quality and accurate cheat of visits, likes and subscribers using special services, such as or On average, 1000 "deep" views cost $1.5-2, and 100 subscriptions cost around $1.

Mutual likes and subscriptions work well, but then you have to do it manually.

You can also use paid promotion from YouTube. The easiest way to set up the type of services and set the necessary parameters (audience age, interests, etc.) is through your personal account in AdWords, indicating that advertising should be placed on youtube.

How to make money on youtube channel

There are several ways to make money on YouTube for watching videos:

Contextual advertising . This is a clickable text message that appears at the bottom of the video. Configured by connecting to google adsense. To do this, you need to conclude a partnership agreement with Youtube. 

An alternative is an agreement with a partner media network with more modest requirements for video blog traffic.
Placement of commercials "in the body" of your video clip (6-30 sec.), the so-called pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll. These are short videos at the beginning, middle or end of your release. 

These videos contain a link leading to the customer's website, and payment is made either for full views of the advertising product, or for a duration of more than half of the recording. One costs 0.02-0.03 $.
A good way to make money on YouTube without an affiliate program is to publish links to the advertiser's website in the video description . 

In this case, it is desirable that the subject of your resource and the scope of the customer's activities are similar. “Sponsorship” is common: the advertiser finances the creation of the video, and you express advertising gratitude to him.

Oral mention of a product or brand in an issue, visual demonstration of products and their benefits, video reviews. This includes hidden marketing, when the presenter appears in branded clothes or uses gadgets of a certain company. Rates for these services vary greatly. And, as a rule, half (or more) of the income of a video blog consists of such orders.

Banner advertising on the video channel page . Usually paid for transitions to the customer's site.
Let's take a step-by-step look at the process of monetizing a video blog through a direct partnership with YouTube and through other media networks.

Channel requirements for monetization

Video hosting makes quite stringent requirements for bloggers. You need at least 10,000 subscribers and 10,000 video views to join the YouTube affiliate program.

The main plus of monetization through the official affiliate program is a high percentage of earnings. Youtube is ready to pay authors more than 50-70% of advertising profits. As the channel grows in popularity, this figure increases. In other words, the more people watched a video clip, the more expensive contextual advertising in it becomes.

How much do you earn on YouTube for 1000 views? The exact figure depends on the promotion of the portal, activity indicators, etc. On average, 1000 views on the portal with 10-20 thousand subscribers cost 2-3 $.

There are more disadvantages of an official partnership:

High bar for the number of visits and subscribers.
The reverent attitude of video hosting to copyright. At the slightest suspicion of using someone else's content, a blog can get a strike, and after several warnings, a ban. It is practically impossible to monetize a video blog using, for example, someone else's background music or fragments from films or animated series.
Withdrawal Limit: $100 minimum.
It will be possible to withdraw money only through a bank account or a check, which is quite difficult to cash out in the CIS. Plus it can go 2-3 months.
How to connect YouTube partner program
Registration in the affiliate program itself is simple . Log into your YouTube account and go to the Video Manager section. A vertical block "Creative Studio" will open on the left. Go to the "Channel" tab and select "Status and Features".

Here you can see if you have received warnings for copyright infringement, and if the content of the resource complies with the principles of video hosting. If at least one indicator is not in order, you will not be able to connect to the affiliate program.

If in all respects the portal meets the official requirements, click the "Enable" button in the "Monetization" tab. Next, you will be prompted to accept the terms of the affiliate program and connect your AdSense account to the channel.

This section contains information regarding the requirements for video work, what can and cannot be posted.

It is not uncommon for vlogs to be denied monetization. You can solve this problem by changing the country in the settings: to the USA, for example.

Video bloggers earn money with the help of AdSense, after connecting an account, you must select the type of advertising used and start working.

how to make money on youtube with adsense

The easiest way to connect to Google Adsense is through the page. If you don't have an AdSense account yet, the easiest way is to link your newly created page to your blog.

After approval to enable monetization (the application can be considered for several days or even weeks), you will get access to the full instructions for setting up a connection with Adsense. The instruction is literally for dummies, clear and understandable.

All data in the Adsense account must be entered in Latin letters, and you will also need to confirm the email address to which the channel is registered. Carefully fill in the fields related to the withdrawal of funds. You should double-check the numbers of accounts and cards to which you plan to withdraw earned money.

The registration approval process will take up to 48 hours. After that, you connect the type of advertising that is convenient for you and get access to campaign management.

Youtube partner media networks

Is it possible to make money on YouTube without subscribers? Theoretically, having several hundred video views, you can conclude an agreement with a partner media network and start working. But in practice, the minimum number of regular visitors is required for any media network (from 50 people), and the number of visits should exceed several thousand.

Best and proven networks: VSP Group, YouPartnerWSP, QuizGroup, AIR, Maker Studios.

Carefully study the requirements and conditions of cooperation with each and choose the appropriate option. Taking novice bloggers under its wing, the media network takes, on average, 20-30% of their advertising profits. On the other hand, it makes much fewer demands regarding copyrights and is ready to defend the interests of its partner when complaints of violations are received.

How much do youtube bloggers earn

To calculate how much successful bloggers earn on YouTube for views , it is enough to take the average figure for the cost of a thousand views and compare it with the number of visits to the page with the video. A video channel with about 20 entries (each with over 100,000 views) receives from $2,000 per month. And that's just part of the income.

A click on an advertising link in a video costs $0.2-0.4. Even according to the most conservative estimates (there were only 10-15 transitions from each clip per month), the amount is about $ 100.

Let's add here direct advertising, placement of links in the description (here the prices are determined individually), and we will get the amount of $ 2200-2500 per month. But these figures are real only for relatively popular blogs with more than 100,000 visits and 10,000 subscribers.

How much do beginner vloggers earn? Stores and brands want to advertise with established authors. Therefore, here you can only count on requests from lesser-known projects. Focus on contextual advertising and inserting short clips into your videos.

If all videos are watched at least 5,000 times a month, then the “net” income from the so-called pre-rolls will be about $70, after deducting the affiliate commission. Together with the profit from contextual advertising and placing custom links, we get $100.

It's not that much, but as long as the product you've already created works and makes money, you continue to make new releases, increasing your income.

Next, we will tell you how to make money with YouTube by choosing the right topic, how to produce high-quality content and avoid copyright problems.

Vlog theme

This is the first thing to decide before starting any work on a video blog. A good option for an educational blog is a topic in which you are a professional (cook, builder, athlete, etc.)

For video blogs of an entertaining nature, where the role of the author/presenter is very important, you need charisma, a trained voice, and the ability to captivate the viewer.

Often such videos do not carry useful information and do not require much preliminary preparation. They can be removed right now, and then edited and, if necessary, voiced.

Advertising on blogs with top topics is more expensive . List of the most popular topics with which people make good money on YouTube:

  • Finance , business projects, advice on how to make money, do business, etc.;
  • Gameplays (passage) of popular games. Streams from the passage of games also received recognition, when the viewer sees everything that happens live, can comment on the actions of the author and ask him questions online. To warm up the interest of the audience, try periodically diluting your content with similar videos;
  • Master classes and training . These can be online seminars on embroidery, culinary arts, construction and repair, working with computer programs, etc. Sports exercises, fitness and dance classes are a separate item. To create a quality product in this niche, you need an equipped hall and a lot of preliminary preparation for filming;
  • Reviews of novelties in the field of gadgets . Even if you receive a reward from the manufacturer, the reviews must be honest and comprehensive, otherwise you risk losing the trust of users;
  • Traveler's Blog . There is a lot of such content, so you need to “hook” the audience with something non-standard: the format of programs, interesting comments, unusual information. The standard presentation in the style of "Here I am with a monument" will not help advance in this field. We need little-known details and complete immersion in the culture of the country being described;
  • Extreme Blog . Shooting extreme entertainment from the first person is an unusual and exciting idea;
  • Comedy videos . Most successful young vloggers have made their way in this area;
  • Beauty blogs;

Reviews and reviews of new films.

Minimum filming equipment
Let's figure out how to make money on YouTube videos with a minimum set of equipment.

For starters, you can even shoot from your phone, the main condition is a resolution of at least HD (1280 × 720). A separate voice acting of the video is a very time-consuming process, so it is recommended to purchase a simple lavalier microphone.

For example, it is possible to find a good model in the price range of $40-50 from the manufacturer Boya.

For editing and color correction, you will need Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas Pro (an easier option). To edit images, you need to know Adobe Photoshop at least at a basic level. Preparing, mixing, trimming music tracks is best done in Adobe Audition.

But to create a high-quality media product, more investments are required. Over time, you can afford additional equipment that will make videos more pleasing to the eye of the consumer.

Which camera to choose

Cameras from Canon and Nikon, shooting in HD and Full HD (1920 × 1080), will do well with high-quality video shooting. The cost of such a device is from $ 1100. GoPro cameras will also work. At a low cost (about $ 600), they shoot in good resolution and at 60 frames per second. But this option is good for those who like a wide angle of shooting. For example, this is ideal for a travel blog or extreme.

Shooting a good video is real even on an iPhone and other advanced smartphones. For example, Sony Xperia, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy Note, Apple iPhone of the latest model, etc. quite "cope" with Full HD.

To achieve super clarity, you need UHD (4K) format. Models from Canon, Sony, some Nikons have such opportunities. Among smartphones, these are Samsung Galaxy, LG, iPhone, Xiaomi of the latest models. The cost of equipment with such characteristics is from $ 4,000.

A smartphone can be purchased for $ 800, but the picture quality will be incomparable with the result of a professional camera.

Optional equipment

Almost every blog needs a background. At a minimum, it is worth appearing in a frame filled with professional seamless paper (backgrounds for photo studios) or a plain fabric background. You can come up with any other original version. A paper background will cost about $10-15. You can find it from the manufacturers Polaroid, Colorama, Savage.

Ideally, you should buy a couple of light sources of different power (400 and 800 J, for example). Two constant light sources from FST, Falcon Eyes or Godox will cost about $150-180. For them and the camera you will need professional tripods (from Manfrotto, Godox, Falcon) with a total cost of $120-140.

The nuances of preparing videos

There are several secrets to preparing video clips that make the task of how to make money on YouTube on your channel a little easier. Let's take a look at the main ones.

Music background. It is easier and more pleasant for the user to perceive information accompanied by unobtrusive music. When the author speaks or there is a voice-over, the music should not be too loud, overlapping the words. This will form the viewer's loyalty to the information.

But for using other people's tracks, you can get a warning about copyright infringement, especially if you have entered into a partnership agreement with Youtube. The way out is to cooperate with a partner media network or use the YouTube music library. Free sound effects and compositions can be downloaded in the "Creative Studio" - "Music Library" section.

Drafting the structure of the video before filming. If possible, it is worth planning the entire issue frame by frame, writing the text and the visual component to it.

How to create a YouTube channel and earn money: useful tips
A few secrets on how to make your video channel successful:

  • For a video blogger, qualities such as organization and consistency are important. Strictly follow the schedule for publishing new videos: at least once a week;
  • Create original works, do not imitate anyone and share useful and interesting information. To understand your audience, try testing the first releases with family and friends. Listen carefully to their comments and correct your mistakes;
  • Turn your project into a brand. You definitely need a logo, a catchy screensaver, a slogan;
  • Maintain feedback. Respond to subscribers' comments, contact them in the issue itself, shoot clips on topics that you are asked about;
  • To make good money through YouTube, turn blogging not just into a job, but also into your favorite hobby. This will fill the issues with "life" and attract viewers.

Examples of successful vlogs

As an example and motivation, we will tell you how much domestic and foreign video network stars earn on YouTube .

Maxim Golopolosov with his project “ +100500 ” (commenting on funny videos from the Web), according to the most conservative estimates, earns about $ 12,000 per month . And recently opened the MoranDays channel, where he talks about his travels.

Katya Klep is one of the first domestic YouTube bloggers. TheKateClapp channel has over 4 million subscribers. Katya has become so popular that fans are happy to watch ordinary videos from her daily life, travel, shopping and various foolishness. For more than five years of its existence, the channel has earned about 180 thousand dollars.

Ivan Rudskoy , aka EeOneGuy (Ivan Guy) manages to get about $ 23,000 a month by recording cool videos, clips and jokes. He started with letsplays, mainly Minecraft.

Sasha Spielberg , who started out reviewing cosmetics, now earns between $10,000 and $11,000 a month .

Foreign bloggers earn much more money on YouTube, but the movement itself abroad began much earlier. Jenna Marbles , shooting household funny videos, jokes, reflections, experiments (how to dye her hair red, etc.) receives from $ 40,000 per month .

Charming Swede PewDiePie shoots game walkthroughs and earns about 60 thousand dollars a month. Michelle Phan became famous for her serious approach to creating a beauty blog. She entered the category of not only famous video bloggers, but also respected makeup artists with an income of over 50 thousand dollars.

At first glance , there is nothing complicated about how to make money on YouTube. Do what you love and get paid for doing what you love. But in addition to creating an interesting information product, you need to think about the technical support of the project and competent promotion. Then you can reach the level of "dinosaurs" YouTube.