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If you have a talent for writing and you are well versed in the grammar of the Russian language, try to earn money writing texts. This interesting work on the Internet can bring authors from 50 to 1000 dollars per month, depending on the chosen direction.

How to make money writing texts

This work is easy to combine with household chores, young children, and even busyness in the office. Do you want to learn how to make money writing scripts and enjoy your profession? Then read this article.

Direction 1. Write comments

The easiest way to make money writing texts is to post short comments on social networks, blogs and online stores.

To work in this direction does not require professional knowledge and skills. Typically, clients ask performers to write simple phrases such as “class”, “I loved it”, “thank you”.

The following sites offer earnings when writing reviews:

  • Profitcentr
  • seo sprint
  • wmmail.
  • Fork.
  • Qcomment.

The amount of payment depends on the size of the text. For example, a short one-sentence comment will cost $0.05-0.5. And for a meaningful and voluminous text, customers are willing to pay 5-10 rubles.

The Qcomment exchange offers the highest prices. The minimum tariff is 11 rubles. For a comment on a social network of 75 characters (mainly one sentence), the average is 18.5 rubles. But in order to get money writing texts, you need to successfully pass the test: prepare a competent and interesting review.

If you devote 7-8 hours to the suspension, then it is realistic to reach an income of 300-500 rubles. In a day. This is easy money.

Direction 2. Write Reviews

Do you want to earn passive income from copywriting? If so, sign up for the review sites and get started.

Arrange the prices as follows:

  • Not recommended - 5 kopecks per offer for a published review;
  • Otzovik - from 0 to 500 rubles. 1000 views (depending on the relevance of the topic and the quality of the text);
  • Otzyvy - 30 kopecks per serving + 1-5 rubles. for writing and publishing.
  • Imho24 - 2-5 kopecks per view.

You can spend the time once creating detailed and useful material, and then make a profit all the time.

However, writing reviews really requires certain skills: literacy, the ability to express ideas beautifully, working with programs to check the text for its uniqueness.

If you regularly send “weak” reviews to brokers, you will receive a ban on the account with the inability to withdraw funds.

We will give you some useful tips on how to make money writing texts from 50 to 100 dollars per month.

  1. Choose popular topics: home appliances, electronics, sites to make money online, diets, nutritional supplements, ladies chain.
  2. Try to add at least 1-2 new reviews to the site every day.
  3. Carefully study the rules of work on the site and do not violate them so as not to face account blocking.
  4. Write in simple and understandable language. After all, your comments will be read by people, not bots.
  5. Add photos and images and share your personal experience. Encourage readers to leave comments.

If you are interested in earning "here and now", work on the Qcomment exchange. They pay money not for the views, but for the fact of writing a review. Prices are the same as for comments.

Direction 3. Copy

How to make money writing scripts for those who are willing to work hard but don't know how to generate ideas?

There is an interesting trend in freelancing - copying. This is listening to audio or video recordings and translating what you hear into a text document. In fact, the transcriber performs the same functions as a court session secretary.

Orders can be found on the following independent exchanges:

  • Zilla work.
  • weblancer.
  • Florida.
  • their own account;
  • Advego.

The amount of earnings of a transcriber depends on the speed of printing, attentiveness, experience, banal luck. Adequate prices are 0.5-1$. for decoding 1 minute of recording or 0.5-1$. for 1000 characters of the finished text.

But in practice, there are also cheap projects with a payment 2 times lower. For a beginner, this is a chance to gain experience and upgrade your freelance account.

Direction 4 . Rewriting

Making money writing articles is not only a creative, but also a highly paid direction. True, from scratch, not every author is able to produce readable materials. This is where rewriting comes to the rescue - rewriting other people's articles in your own words .

The task of the performer is to create a new text with technical uniqueness above 90-95%, but preserving the original thoughts of the author.

Surely, you have noticed before how the first 5 articles from a Google search give the same information. The fact is that most web writers are engaged in rewriting, not copywriting.

Content exchanges offer earnings on articles . The following sites are suitable for beginners:

  • Advego ;
  • Etxt ;
  • text ;
  • text sale.
How to make money writing texts? You can fulfill orders or create articles for sale in the exchange store.

Beginners are paid an average of 0.05-1 $. for 1000 characters, professional rewriters - 1-1.5 $ . for the same volume. It is realistic to earn $150-300 a month on rewriting.

Direction 5 . Copywriting

Copywriting is the creation of unique copyright materials based on knowledge in a particular area. The profession of a copywriter already implies career growth and financial prospects.

You can start with simple informational articles about household and cats, and then move on to expensive sales texts for serious business.

A very popular direction now is SEO copywriting . SEO copywriters are engaged in the creation of texts tailored for search engine promotion of sites. In general, most customers want to receive an optimized text from the author, that is, with well-written keywords.

How to make money from copywriting? You can go one of three ways.

  1. Search for orders on content exchanges. Then your earnings on writing articles will be 1-2 $. for 1000 characters, depending on experience, the chosen topic and the ability to find "money" customers.
  2. Work with direct customers. You can look for new sites that need content, or resources with clumsy articles. Offer your services to admins by referring to texts from your portfolio. There are no strict price rules here. It all depends on the subject, your greed (the ability to appreciate your work) and the specific client. Selling texts are much more expensive than informational articles, however, writing them takes the author more time.
  3. Get a job as a copywriter. As a rule, such a position involves remote employment. By becoming a hired employee, you lose the freedom to choose clients, but you get a stable income.
How much does a copywriter earn? Beginners receive about $100-150, experienced authors - $200-400. But the earnings of a guru in the field of selling texts can reach up to $ 1,000 per month.

Direction 6 . Blogging

Blogging is the most creative and at the same time difficult income from writing texts. You are free to choose any topic, combine work and hobby.

A popular resource allows the author to earn money in the following ways:

  • placement of contextual, teaser or banner advertising;
  • sale of places for advertising articles and links to third-party resources;
  • receiving remuneration under affiliate and referral programs;
  • lead generation - transferring contacts of potential customers to specialists;
  • realization of own information products: books, articles, training videos, tickets for webinars.