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step-by-step instructions for making money in IT

Do you want to start an IT company? There is no denying the fact that IT service is a competitive business nowadays. Consider starting this business only when you have a strong desire and confidence in the service or services that you will provide to clients.

In addition, it must support a meticulously prepared business plan, solid funding, a desire to provide unparalleled customer service, and a team of highly qualified IT professionals.

How to open an IT company

How to start an IT company from scratch

The formula for success in any IT business: a strong team + big investments.

Fortunately, today's most promising startups can count on tax incentives and serious financial support from the state. Therefore, if the idea is worthwhile, then there are all chances not only to open an IT company, but also to make it a success.

However, a large number of IT projects failed in the first year. Because of management and marketing errors and the low level of specialists.

Therefore, Altera Invest Business Brokers warns: IT is a tough place! To succeed here, the entrepreneur needs to carefully calibrate each step, but at the same time be prepared to respond quickly to changes in the market.

Where to start making money in IT

The first thing to do is decide which company to open: outsourcing or product. Outsourcing professionals fulfill customer orders - they create software and websites. Grocery companies develop and promote their own software and sell licenses.

Next steps for a budding IT entrepreneur:

Select the type of work. Both freelancers and individuals, LLCs can operate in a niche.

Choose a tax system. An IT company can operate on a generic or simplified system.

Learn all about investment opportunities. It is almost impossible to open an IT company without serious investments. Therefore, one of the most difficult tasks of a digital entrepreneur is finding an investor.

Get help from an experienced attorney. Since IT involves creating an intellectual product, it makes sense to immediately create patents and assert copyrights. Theft of promising ideas is a common case in the market.

Below we will take a closer look at other important points of opening an IT company.

Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis

The main difficulty of the high-tech sphere is the highest competition. IT products are created for quite a long time - while you are developing a technology, a competitor company can release a similar development first. Therefore, it is very important to know your competitors, to understand what projects they are working on in order to choose a free niche.

Paradoxically, at the same time as protecting their developments, it is important for IT specialists to exchange experience and constantly contact with colleagues. As practice shows, the more specialists of different profiles are involved in the project, the easier it is to open an IT company and achieve success. Therefore, do not be afraid to collaborate, find remote performers, create collaborations - in the long run, this will allow you to bypass more secretive competitors.

Choice of direction, formation of a list of services

We will give 3 tips to help you decide which IT business to open:

Analyze the offers of the foreign market. Try to find a cool idea and then adapt it to the USA market. For example, this is how the social network VKontakte was created.

Find the real pain of the potential consumer. So, many dog ​​owners agree with the coolness of Apple's application for finding a nanny for animals.

Do a preliminary test. You can assess the real demand for an idea using surveys. The next step is to launch a free beta.

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of marketing in the IT field. If you ask the question of how to make money on IT technologies for veterans of the digital market, you will hear the categorical: “Hire the best salespeople and do not spare money for promotion.” A competent marketing campaign will help sell even unfinished technology. And the most promising idea will quietly die if potential consumers do not find out about it.

Definition of the target audience

Definition of the target audience

Before you open an IT company, you must clearly understand who your buyer, consumer of a service or product is. Orientation to the client will improve the product, make it as convenient and useful as possible.

Let's take a simple example. Let's say you're building a cloud-based hotel management service. After creating a prototype, don't be greedy: provide a product for testing to operating hotels for free, work closely with hoteliers. It is with their help that you will understand what specific functions you need to connect, modify, remove.

Stages of registration of an IT company

Stages of registration of an IT company

The preparatory stage of the launch ends with the writing of a detailed business plan. Then start legal registration. How to open an IT company from scratch on your own? Just go step by step:

  1. Decide on a business format. Will you start a business with your own funds or are you looking for investors? Will you become the sole owner or organize joint management?

  2. Choose a brand name. To create a memorable name, use the help of PR-specialists. And immediately evaluate the adaptability of the name to foreign markets.

  3. Complete legal registration. Set up self-employment or another type of entrepreneurship that matches your chosen goals.

  4. Get licenses. Check the legislation to determine if they are necessary.

  5. Open a bank account.

It is optimal if you immediately involve lawyers in the process. They will help you to correctly draw up documents and avoid mistakes, which you can later regret very much.

Starting capital: how much does it cost to open an IT company

Start a conversation in any company about how to make money in IT - you will immediately hear several stories about starting startups for $100. The reality is this: only a few cost minimal investments. In addition, in most cases, entrepreneurs then waited for a long non-profit period.

While the product / service is in development, you will have to pay:

  • the work of specialists;
  • team training;
  • maintenance - cloud storage, software licenses;
  • marketing research.

Let stories about how much they earn in the IT field inspire you during this period. Do not be afraid to invest: digital is the area where everything spent will definitely pay off!