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Many entrepreneurs are interested in the question of how to promote a cafe. The article lists the most effective promotion methods that will attract visitors and make the establishment popular. Use them to take your business to the next level.

How to promote a cafe

How to advertise a cafe

You need to start promotion with market analysis . Study establishments operating in the same price category, their pros and cons. Define your competitive advantage in 3-5 words and write it down on paper.

Instruct advertisers to create a slogan, text, visual image to promote this benefit.

How to attract visitors to the cafe and make them come back? We have identified several factors that help promote a cafe:

  • good taste of dishes;
  • average or low prices;
  • availability of sockets, Wi-Fi;
  • high quality service;
  • pleasant, not too loud music;
  • absence of unpleasant odors;
  • purity.

How to attract customers to a cafe

The answer to the question of how to promote an existing cafe depends on the goal and advertising budget.

Promotions, loyalty programs

If the institution is unprofitable or brings little profit, use promotions . They can 

It is also worth considering creating a loyalty program. A client who has received a discount or accumulation card will come to you again if he is satisfied with the menu and the quality of service.

Congratulate guests on the holidays, give small gifts for birthdays (for example, a 15% discount and a dessert from the institution).

Partnership cooperation

How to promote a cafe with the help of other companies? Find partners - entrepreneurs who will advertise your establishment (for example, give a flyer for a discount when paying for goods at the checkout).

This is how you can promote a cafe located at a car wash or in a shopping center. Don't know how to find partners?

Go to 2GIS and write down all the establishments located nearby. Offer cooperation to shops, business centers, educational institutions.

If you have a roadside cafe, contact the owners of nearby hostels, hotels, gas stations.

Outdoor advertising and BTL

Effective marketing involves the use of outdoor advertising (banners, stretch marks, pavement signs, signs, posters on windows, signs).

Before posting, please read the Federal Law "On Advertising" and contact your municipal authorities for appropriate permits. If you do not do this, you can get a fine .

Don't forget about BTL. How to promote a cafe bar using this complex? There are the following methods to advertise the establishment: giving small gifts to guests, handing out flyers (coupons, postcards, balloons), holding contests.

Other Methods

How to promote your cafe if you run out of ideas? Pay attention to the following methods:

  • introduction to the business lunch menu;
  • sale of food "to go" (takeaway);
  • organization of a delivery service;
  • display of football matches;
  • holding open days;
  • introduction of cross-selling (with a check, the client receives a coupon with a discount on certain items from the menu, for example, desserts);
  • holding holidays of national cuisines;

advertising in the media (for example, an article in a newspaper).

In a cafe without alcohol, you can create attractive conditions for families with children - develop a children's menu, open a playroom.

Advertising depending on the type of institution

How to promote a fast food cafe? Decorate the facade in an appropriate style (usually the walls are painted in neutral colors, the emphasis is on a bright sign and details). As an internal advertising , use lightboxes - light boards for the menu.

Special offers such as those at Burger King and McDonald's (e.g. "burger + fries = coffee for free") bring good profits.

An equally popular question is how to promote a canteen cafe. The emphasis should be on affordable prices, simple and tasty food. Also in the institution you can hold anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, corporate parties.

To get more customers, agree on cooperation with those involved in the organization of holidays.

How to promote a small cafe? You need to clearly define the target audience . Students can be attracted by inexpensive food, office workers - by business lunches, wealthy youth - by fashionable interiors, hookahs, and alcoholic cocktails. A small cafe especially needs competent positioning.

How to promote a cafe in a small town

How to make an advertisement for a cafe if the city is small? Analyze competitors, draw up a portrait of a potential client and find a feature that will make you stand out from other establishments .

It can be a beautiful interior, an unusual serving of dishes, holding various events. You can find interesting ideas on the Internet.

There are few establishments in small towns, so rumors about good cafes spread quickly. Do your best to ensure that customers tag you in photos on Instagram, VKontakte and other social networks.

For example , if you need to promote a coffee shop, offer guests a 10% discount for a review on Instagram or hold a contest for the best takeaway coffee photo.

How to promote a cafe in a residential area

Advertising for a cafe located far from the center includes the active use of " BTL " and outdoor advertising.

Hang a bright sign, set up stands with the main menu items and current promotions. Hire students to distribute flyers and discount coupons.

Emphasize that you can take food and drinks with you . On the way to work, people will buy coffee or tea, and when they return home, they will buy ready-made meals.

How to promote a cafe in a shopping center

To promote a cafe-restaurant in a shopping center, hand out leaflets with special offers. In this case, the guest will pay attention to the establishment when they pass by or come to the food court.

Important tip : be sure to develop a discount system for shopping center employees. This will create a constant influx of visitors during lunch hours.

How to promote a cafe in an impassable place

Many people have a question about how to properly advertise a cafe located in impassable places. Find the nearest busy street and observe people (where they go more often, where they look). So you determine the places for installing pillars, signs, street shields .

Do not forget to indicate the location of the institution. It is not enough to write an address. You need to provide a detailed diagram.

How to promote a new cafe

How to advertise your cafe if the opening has not yet taken place? You need to start preparing 1-2 months before the start . Buy a bright signboard, lightboxes, roadside banners. Print flyers and coupons. Order accumulative, discount cards.

Guaranteed gifts, contests, discounts will help attract visitors to the new cafe. The main promotional activities are carried out a few days before the opening and within 2-3 days after it.

In the article, we talked about how best to advertise a cafe. Use different promotion methods to make the institution popular and profitable.