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How to promote a car service

If you are wondering how to promote a car service and reach the desired income level, this material will be useful to you. In this article, we will talk about how to promote a working car service, new and located in a garage.

How to promote a car service

How to advertise a car service

Don't know how to promote a car service? Start with market analysis , highlighting your advantages, compiling a unique selling proposition (USP).

Outdoor advertising, printed matter

Car service marketing cannot be imagined without outdoor advertising tools - banners, billboards, roof installations, etc. In order for promotion to be effective, you need to know where to advertise a car service. It can be:

Busy roads . Install advertising structures in the city or on the highways.

Car markets . Advertise your auto repair shop with billboards at the entrance. It is desirable that markets and service stations are located close to each other. A person will not go to you through the whole city if there are other car services nearby.

Transport . Car service advertising on transport is inexpensive, but it works effectively. Cars, trolleybuses, buses, trams can be pasted over.

You also need to print flyers with a USP , a list of services, a phone number, a detailed location map. Hire students to hand out flyers on the streets, put them under windshield wipers, hang them on the doors of parked cars.

word of mouth

How to attract customers to a car service using word of mouth? Expand the range of services (for example, include body repair), reduce prices, improve the quality of service.

Offer favorable conditions to private cab drivers and taxi services (for example, free running gear diagnostics).


Ways to attract customers to a car service include holding promotions.

You can interest people with a discount (50% for wheel alignment), free work (diagnostics of running gear for 0 rubles), provision of “2 for the price of one” services (replacing two ball joints for the price of one), giving gifts (free car wash when changing oil ). The main thing is that the service is in demand.


How to promote a car service with the help of partners? Agree on cooperation with the owners of car washes, spare parts stores, tire shops, gas stations, paid parking lots.

They can host your business cards and advertising posters, issue discount coupons for popular services (diagnostics, oil change, wheel alignment).

other methods

How to make an advertisement for a car service if you have already used the above methods?

Order an advertisement in a print publication (it can be an ad or an article), arrange a competition between employees to attract new customers, hold a master class in car maintenance, introduce a bonus program .

We attract "money" customers

The easiest way to make money is to serve the owners of taxi companies, luxury cars and minibuses, as well as companies involved in the purchase and rental of cars.

To attract such customers will help:

  • discounts;
  • extraordinary service;
  • provision of individual masters;
  • repairs on weekends and holidays;
  • providing an extended warranty.

How to keep customers coming back

It is important to think not only about how to properly advertise a car service, but also about how to retain customers. The following will help you do this:

  • quality and fast service;
  • affordable prices;
  • loyalty program;
  • the possibility of "field repair";
  • comfortable waiting area with free coffee, internet, TV.

How to promote a car service in a garage

Garage car service can make affordable prices its main competitive advantage .

When compiling a price list, subtract 5-10% from the average market price. This will help attract people for whom the cost of services is critical.

What advertising works for such a car service? We recommend distributing leaflets with a list of the most requested services and prices.

If the service is located in a small town, distribute printed materials in places where the target audience is concentrated. In a big city, it is better to advertise your service station in the area where it is located.

The most effective way is to put flyers under the windshield wipers of cars parked near houses, supermarkets, shopping centers.

To quickly promote your business, tell your friends, acquaintances, relatives, colleagues about your business.

This way you will get the first customers who will bring profit and help launch word of mouth.

Include in the list of services all the work that can be done in a small workshop. Engage in comprehensive pre-sale preparation of cars (removal of chips, dents and scratches, diagnostics, dry cleaning, engine wash).

How to advertise a new car service

People planning to open their own service station are wondering how to promote a car service from scratch. The easiest way is to contact an advertising agency and buy a case “Car service promotion”.

Specialists will develop an effective marketing strategy, give advice on business promotion.

If the budget is limited , you can run an advertising campaign yourself. You need to start by defining the target audience, developing a corporate identity and name.

How best to advertise a car service - the answer to this question depends on the location, the types of work performed, and the qualifications of the staff.

For example , if the service station is located in a busy place and provides a wide range of services, it is enough to buy a bright sign, visible from a distance of 50-100 meters.

How to effectively advertise a car service located in the yards? Declare your existence with the help of signs, billboards, pavement signs. Billboards are installed along the road at a distance of 3 km from the service, and stands - at the turn to the service station.

So, we talked about how to quickly promote a car service and attract customers. Don't forget to evaluate the effectiveness of each tool you use . If within 1-2 months after advertising the flow of customers has not increased, it is worth reconsidering the promotion strategy.