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How to use social media to generate leads

Can social media drive lead generation for your business? Of course! Especially if you have a limited budget and a specific target audience.

How to use social media to generate leads

Also, using social media to generate leads can be a good addition to traditional PR tools. This article walks you through the steps of using social media to generate leads

1. Create a blog to get closer to your customers

Explore websites, the blogosphere, online forums, and communities to find discussions relevant to your products or services, and to find your target audience.

An RSS feed will allow you to receive material for such analysis every morning.

Use dedicated crawling tools like Google Blog Search or Live Search to keep track of feature articles.

When search engines find relevant discussions, immediately join the discussion with a mandatory link to your site's content on the same topic.

You can also use a blog to write articles on topics that could later go viral. This will help generate links to your blog from other publications.

How to use social media to generate leads

2. Create a Twitter account

Use an account in addition to your blog . There you will be able to post news blog posts, invitations to webinars, quizzes and informal focus group questions.

For example, poll Twitter users about possible names for your company's new product.

3. Create a group on VKontakte or Odnoklassniki

Organize a forum group to discuss issues not directly related to your company or its products.

Discuss general questions about the industry in which you work. Gradually, the members of the group will initiate the discussion themselves, and your company will be the guest, joining the discussions to keep the interest of the group members.

4. Improve your blog feed

This will help you increase your network coverage :

release at least one news block weekly with links to sections of your site;

adjust the news release time based on the difference in time zones in the countries;

publish news and post on social networks such as Twitter, VKontakte and Odnoklassniki.

5. Specify social channels. networks on the site and in email signatures. messages

In each letter, after the heading "Join us", place a link to your groups on VKontakte or Odnoklassniki networks.

Employees' corporate e-signatures must also include links to these accounts.

How to use social media to generate leads

6. Measure the growth of social networks and web traffic

Constantly monitor the number of views of blog pages, Twitter visitors, members of VKontakte or Odnoklassniki to establish the growth of channels of various social networks.

Track also marketing metrics such as number of site visitors, traffic generated by SEO, leads by source (web site visits, email, trade shows, seminars, etc.).

Compare these metrics to see the relationship between social media activity and lead generation.