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How to write a text that will 100% win the hearts of readers

How to write a text that will 100% win the hearts of your readers? How exactly do you need to write a text so that the reader is carried away from the first lines and read to the end? What are the secrets, ways and nuances to interest the reader? Read about all this in our short article.

How to write a text that will 100% win the hearts of readers

We study the needs of the reader

Writing fresh interesting text is a creative process. You need to please your reader, and preferably from the first lines.

Therefore, before writing, we draw up an approximate “portrait” of our audience: age, gender, geographic location, interests, etc. All this will help us understand who we are writing for and how to reach out to our reader.

Dealing with objections and innuendo

Perhaps these are the biggest enemies of a good selling text. Any audience prefers to receive the most complete and accessible information. “What if?”, “Perhaps, but…”, “I will buy later” are doubts that we exclude after reading our text. How to achieve this?

It is enough to seriously approach the first point (see above) and get ahead of the reader's questions. We will be extremely honest with our audience and caring.

For example, very attentive to their customers, and as a rule, successful online stores always provide a photo and a detailed description of the product, and unobtrusively place their contacts, delivery terms and a basket nearby.

Choosing the right words

It is extremely important what words we select and use in the text. We check the method on an example: “Dear guests were met at the conference”, “The company is the oldest in the city”, “Clients stick to us”. Such wording - obviously will not add value to the text.

Moreover, unsuccessful associations will be securely fixed in tandem with the mentioned name of the company or product, spoiling the image and reputation of the brand. We select only positive words and phrases. Exception: medical topics or the irresistible desire of the customer to be creative.

By the way, we also try to use words with “not” extremely rarely. This is due to the peculiarities of the perception of information and human nature to see to the root: it is NOT necessary to read as it is NOT NECESSARY, having missed the value of the “not” itself.

Look! There is an ostrich!

Most often we write in black and white, but the brightness of the texts is different. She plays a special role. Of course, the text can be diluted with pictures, diagrams, graphs, and structured. All of this is great for readability.

But it is not enough to present information in an accessible way and to interest the audience from the first lines. We keep the reader, not allowing boredom and sleep while reading the entire text.

Hard Facts

Arguments can be kept to yourself as they are often subjective. But there should be a lot of useful facts in the selling text. And it is desirable that they be 90% known and useful to the reader, and the remaining 10% he could easily check.

Why? Because by showing buyers the facts that are important to them, the response to texts increases many times over. Actually, one of the most important tasks of a professional copywriter is working with facts. He must find the essence and present it in such a way as to solve the problem.