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How to Start a Business With Zero Investment

How to Start a Business With Zero Investment

"Working for the boss" has many disadvantages, except for a small salary and constant control from above. First of all, this is work for the dream of another person. 

Opening your own business is not an easy task, but quite real. 
If it seems to you that a business needs a huge start-up capital, an extensive campaign to promote a product or service on the market, and staff, then you are mistaken. 

In the 21st century, you can start your own business without money, the main thing is to have a profitable idea. 

Task 1. Idea and its development  

Idea and its development

To get started, you just need to take a sheet of clean paper, a pen, lock yourself in a room, turn off your phone and start answering the following questions: 

1. What skills and abilities do you have? 

2. What do you have enough experience in?  

3. What area of ​​activity do you have certain knowledge about? 

There should be about 20 such points or more. Here you can contribute both professional skills and hobbies. For example, you are well versed in software and at the same time know how to make funny handmade clay figurines. 

Next, determine which of these items you are really interested in, and what you would do with great pleasure and desire, and if necessary, completely free of charge. And also, for which activities you already have certainresources . 

For example, you are interested in photography. Having a camera, a computer with Photoshop, and friends craving beautiful photos for their online profile are your resources. The next difficult step is drawing up a business plan . 

It should detail the products/services you offer, how you find customers, the approximate profit margins, and costs of starting your own business. It is worth noting that it is most profitable to start your business in the service sector, since at least a minimum capital is needed to manufacture a product, and a service is an offer of intangible skills to others.

Task 2. Market research 

For a business to be successful, you need to offer the consumer what he needs. After all, the main rule of economics says: it is demand that creates supply. 

If you already have an idea, you need to study the niche that it occupies in the market. It is best when there is no clear leader in this area. This means that your competitors , for the most part, offer the same product/service to the customer. Your task is to study the shortcomings, problems and inconveniences of competitors, and eliminate them in your business. In this way, you will be able to enter the market quickly and successfully.

Task 3. Advertising

In the conditions of incredible competition in the market, the release of a new product or service necessarily requires advertising. But since you don't have the budget to conduct a full-fledged market research followed by an advertising campaign, word of mouth will help you .

Let your friends and acquaintances know about your business. They are often the first customers. A job well done and of high quality will certainly lead to a positive "rumor", which will serve as an excellent advertisement for you.

In addition, you have a free platform for advertising - the Internet. Create your online account and promote your brand yourself. You can advertise in free or low-cost local newspapers. 

The main condition for this is the original title and interesting text, I also call it “selling”. Spend some time compiling it, because among hundreds of identical ads, your text will stand out favorably. 

Task 4. Finding a partner 

Many believe that working with a partner already implies a division of profits and excludes independence. But this is not true. Partnership entails the sharing of roles and responsibilities. Another person can bring something new, original and fresh to the joint business. A partner can be one that has the resources you lack. 

Thus, you save money for your business. It is not necessary to take "in the share" of an outsider. It can be a friend, a relative with whom your ideas and aspirations completely coincide. In addition, the partnership doubles productivity, and this entails more profit.

BONUS: business ideas without capital investment 

Photographing (if you have a decent SLR camera) or working on photo banks Cleaning house cleaning company

  • Advertising agency
  • Souvenir or handmade

Language courses or translation agency. 

Dropshipping A very common phenomenon today, which in simple words means mediation. You are an intermediary between the buyer and the manufacturer. 

For example: a client ordered a down jacket from you - paid for it - you transfer the required amount to the factory for the production of down jackets - the factory sends a down jacket to the client - you receive a certain amount for finding a client. All you need is to promote your product site on the Internet in order to attract as many customers as possible.

  • Web studie
  • real estate broker
  • Organization of events

  • Blogging
  • Trucking and more


A business without capital investments is beneficial in that all risks are reduced from a minimum to zero. If you do not invest money, then you have nothing to lose, except for the time spent. But with this kind of activity, all responsibilities fall only on your shoulders and they cannot be shifted to someone else, and failures and success depend only on you.