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Innovation - the methods of Apple, Samsung and Google

Experts point out that this type of innovation, such as expanding the capabilities of technology, is only one of three possible options for creating something truly worthwhile.

Innovation - the methods of Apple, Samsung and Google

Each of these paths has almost the same level of complexity and requires the same investment and research - and quite a lot. Here are three ways to create innovation experts call.

1. Focus on customers (Apple method)

There are companies whose invention strategy is based on a deep knowledge of their customers and an understanding of their needs better than the customers themselves understand them. These companies figure out what people want, and then they are the first to offer a product that is destined to succeed.

Focus on customers (Apple method)

Moreover, the information for this is quite difficult to obtain using standard marketing research. You will need people who will say what they want directly, as well as those who will follow potential customers, observe how they feel about competitors' products, and look for opportunities that competitors' mistakes present to the company.

Apple didn't invent the touchscreen. But they made more money on the touchscreen than anyone else, because they focused on what exactly consumers expect from such a screen, and then provided them with the desired result.

2. Focus on the market (Samsung method)

This is a classic version of follower companies. Such companies do not ignore their customers at all. However, their focus is shifted to what is happening in the market, what other companies are producing, and which of these products promises to be the most successful.

Focus on the market (Samsung method)

Once the successor companies figure this out, they start to come up with their own variations on the most successful innovations.

You might think that such companies simply copy the best efforts of competitors and release their versions to the market in the shortest possible time in order to grab the necessary market share without doing research or their own development.

However, in practice, this happens in all industries and at all times: one good idea gives rise to a million options for its implementation - think, for example, about the once invented wheel.

In addition, it takes a lot of work to monitor the market with due attention and be able to quickly and efficiently create your own product that can withstand competitors. Actually, this is the classic market strategy.

Samsung can hardly be called the most innovative company in the world - especially in light of the recent lawsuit with Apple. However, it must be admitted that Samsung did not seek to flood the market with what they called a copy of the iPhone: they created their own product, added their own touches to it and released it to the market at exactly the right time.

3. Focus on the technical side (Google method)

The third category of innovative companies are what are called tech giants. They usually focus on technical solutions, in fact, innovation and change.

Focus on the technical side (Google method)

This is not to say that such companies completely ignore what is happening in the market or in the minds of their potential customers. However, they are primarily looking for opportunities to create new technological solutions to existing problems.

It is these companies that turn out to be pure inventors , however, as regards the successful implementation of new solutions or victory in the marketing field, everything is not so simple.

As we can see, each of these methods bears fruit - and it is difficult to say which one turns out to be the most successful .