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Mushroom farming project idea

The mushroom business has always been considered one of the most profitable in our country, but at the same time one of the most labor-intensive. Mushroom is a common type of mushroom that is in demand in the food market. 

Mushroom farming project idea

It has a pleasant and light taste and is a great source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. In mushroom cultivation, you can open a profitable business.

For a successful start, you need to find a suitable area and purchase high-quality consumables - fertile manure and fungicides. 

A certain temperature and humidity in the room must be constantly maintained, otherwise the fungus will be attacked by various viruses and microbes and simply will not grow.

A detailed technology for growing heroines at home can be found in the specialized literature, as well as on the pages of the Internet space. You can start spending money on advertising your products only after your first successful trial. 

Having removed a bountiful harvest, you can talk about yourself in various Internet forums, social networks and the media.

Work on mushrooms pays off quickly. The initial investment will be around $800. At the same time, you can earn $2000 per month. Thus, the average annual income of an entrepreneur will be at least 15 thousand dollars.