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Plastic waste tile manufacturing project idea

Earning money from household waste is a good form. This is not only beneficial, but also reduces the burden on the environment that the human race has wrecked. 

Plastic waste tile manufacturing project idea

Recycling ideas can be the most unexpected. A big business can be, for example, the manufacture of wall tiles from glass waste.

The manufacturing technology is simple.

Pieces of glass are crushed into small fractions and mixed with a dye of the selected color. For binding, polyester resin is used - a readily available and inexpensive component. 

The approximate cost of the equipment is about $300. This includes a mechanical or electrical version of the glass breaker (most likely you will have to assemble it yourself, it will take about 2-4 hours) and a vacuum installation. You will also have to spend money on reusable tile molds. Its cost varies between $20 and $30 per square meter. M.

The mixture is prepared on the basis of a ratio of 50 grams of polyester resin per kilogram of glass. Dyes are selected individually, here you have to experiment a little. The cost of manufacturing one square meter of this tile is no more than $ 10.

The prepared mixture must be poured into molds, placed in a vacuum unit and a vacuum created. This is necessary to get rid of air bubbles that appeared in the mixture during cooking. 

Air bubbles can significantly reduce the quality and appearance of the final product. Within two hours, the tiles in the formwork will be ready.

This product can be sold at a wholesale price of about $30 per square meter. Market value is an order of magnitude higher, averaging $40-50 per square meter.

Provided that you have found a wholesale distribution channel (for example, it is agreed with a network of hardware stores), your profit will be at least 4000-5000 $. If 5-7% of profits are invested in expanding production, it will soon reach an industrial level. To expand production it is necessary:

an increase in the number of forms;

electric glass crusher

Another vacuum cleaner.

As a rule, such a product is in constant demand - in hardware stores, Italian tile analogues are much more expensive. 

In addition, you can make exclusive tiles to order, for example, reinforced tiles. Of course, the cost per square meter at the same time sometimes grows.

In just six months, the business for the production of glass-facing tiles has become fully established - this applies to the production technology and the circle of regular customers.